1944 Texas State College for Women Yearbook Photos

I picked up a 1944 yearbook from the Texas State College for Women months ago, and finally got a chance this week to scan the highlights. There are quite a few goodies, so enjoy!

Beauty Winners

Beauty Winner 1944

Beauty Winner 1944

* * *

The Serenaders

All Girl College Band 1940s“Furnishing popular music for many a college activity were these girls.”

* * *

Cute Band Nerds

Cute Vintage Band NerdsHere’s a great snapshot of lovely musicians putting away their instruments after band class.

* * *

Yearbook Staff

Vintage SecretaryThis lady is adorable, and I love her shirt and sweater combo. The caption reads,”Business Manager Mary Frances Jamison checks over the Daedalian Yearbook’s Account.”

* * *

Rollerskating Enthusiasts

Vintage Roller Skating Ladies

I love this photo of these ladies rollerskating outside. The caption reads, “Here two skating enthusiasts play train on the sidewalk by the gymnasium, with only an engine and a caboose.”

* * *


Vintage College GirlsThis is one of my favorite photos from the whole yearbook. The raven-haired lass on the right looks like such a bad-ass! I would have wanted to be her friend.

* * *

Party Time

Vintage Party 1940s“Lowry Club members are shown at a get-together in the Cabin-in-the-Woods.”

Vintage Party“Seniors pause to “refresh” in front of the faculty babies picture booth.”

* * *

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

* * *

Yuletide Season

Vintage Christmas Party“Louise Johnson, Doris Dowdell, Marilyn Maxey, and Mary Lou Kesterson pose for a picture after the Christmas Party in Stoddard.”

The Corn-Huskin’ Bee

Corn Huskin' Bee“That great day when sophistication, sequins, and formality are stowed among text books, TSCW girls come down out of the hills and cut loose at an evening of hill-billy folk-dancing, corny singing, hog calling, and actin’! Where there’s corn there are plaid shirts. And where there are five mustached villains, there is bound to be a hero and a gal—two in this case.”

* * *

Dates from the Date Bureau

Vintage Couple Playing PoolLove this one! This handsome couple looks so cute and dapper. “Jeannette Bush and Lieut. Will Crawford, having met through the Date Bureau, enjoy a nice evening together at the College Club.”

* * *

Helle’s Bell

Vintage Skeleton CostumesI saved the best for last. Isn’t this photo amazing? I love those handmade skeleton costumes. The caption reads, “Miss Devil, (Betty Taylor), smiles triumphantly as she overlooks the Hell scene presented by the Freshman stunt winners in their picturization of “Helle’s Bell.” The belles and gruesom skeltons in the pictures create the setting for the sad tale of Orpheus and won the cup for the class.”

3 Responses to 1944 Texas State College for Women Yearbook Photos

  1. Tamara Griepp says:

    My grandmother, Ella Virginia Greer, attended TSCW around 1944. She may have been a senior. Any chance there’s a picture of her in there? She passed away 7 years ago and the only photos we have of her are after she married my grandfather. Thank you! Tamara

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Hi Tamara,
      I checked all the classes, and the only Greers I could find were a Katherine (sophomore), and a Dorothy Jean (Freshman). Sorry! :(

  2. This is one of the most amazing posts I have ever seen! I love this, times a thousand! Every single picture is a wonderful keeper and you are very lucky to have such a year book. collecting vintage years books is on my “to-do” now, especially after seeing this.

    Thanks for posting!

    Liz-The Vintage Inn

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