Vintage Halloween Photos

October 6, 2011

It’s time for another round of awesome vintage Halloween photos I’ve spotted on eBay during the past few months. Enjoy!

Scary Vintage Bunny Halloween CostumeScary yet adorable bunny!

* * *

Vintage Devil CostumesLil’ Devils. Double Trouble!

* * *

Vintage Halloween PhotoIncredible scene! I especially love the witch’s costume (far right). 

* * *

Vintage Halloween PhotoCute little ghouls.

* * *

Vintage Witch Costumela petite sorcière

* * *

Vintage Scary Halloween CostumesHell yes!

* * *

Vintage Masked LadyLovely masked lass.

* * *

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2011 Halloween & Autumn Garlands

August 2, 2011

Yesterday I launched my small line of Halloween Plush, and today I’m launching my Halloween garland line!

This year’s new retro Halloween apron designs will follow soon, as well as some other very cute spooky-n-festive goodies. But for now, here are the garlands!

Vintage-Inspired Autumn Harvest Garland

Fall Autumn Decor

Autumn Harvest Garland

Vintage-Inspired Farm Harvest Autumn Garland

This garland captures the magic and essence of autumn with warm inviting hues of peach, orange, brown, and gold. It conjures up the feeling of crisp breezes frolicking on your neck, the smell of fresh apples and pumpkins from the farm, and the sound of crunching fallen leaves under foot.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

The Little Witch Halloween Garland

The Little Witch Vintage-Inspired Garland

Retro Halloween Home Decor

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decorations

A cute little witch from a bygone era is joined by jolly jack-o-lanterns and festive black cats to wish you a Happy Halloween in this holiday garland.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Witch Black Cat Magic Halloween Home Decor

Magical Vintage-Inspired Halloween Witch Banner

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Something wicked this way comes!

This Halloween garland captures the magic of a witch’s alchemy with a pair of black cats, a den of witches, a peek at ancient eerie spell books, and the light of the full moon.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Vintage Halloween Cardboard Witch

September 28, 2010

Vintage Halloween Witch Decoration

I found her at Goodwill over by my parents’ house on Friday. She’s about 20″ long and made from thick cardboard.

I don’t know her story. Is she a specific character? Was she used to promote Halloween candy in a grocery store? Did she provide a festive vibe in someone’s home or school?

All I know is that she’s freaking adorable—look at those striped stockings!—and I have plans to take her with me to the Portland Halloween Bazaar as part of my display.

Retro Halloween Witch Decor

Introducing Flapper Girl’s 2010 Halloween Aprons & Other Wearables

August 24, 2010

It’s time! I can’t believe it! I’ve worked so hard on this year’s Halloween wearables collection, and I’m so excited to unveil it. I love how everything turned out, and I hope you like it too!

In addition to the new designs, I’ve also brought back a few of the most popular apron designs from last year. You can see all of our latest spooky offerings over at the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Click on any image below for a detailed view.


Flocked Halloween Apron Vintage Inspired

Skull Pirate Apron

 Trick or Treat Retro Tulle Halloween Hostess Apron

Vintage Inspired Halloween Apron

 Spooky Owl Night Vintage-Inspired Halloween Tulle Hostess ApronThis last design was originally an OOAK apron I made for myself last year, but since so many people wanted to purchase one last year but couldn’t, I decided to make this design available for purchase this year!


Golden Owl Brooch

Retro Prize Ribbon

Retro Halloween Cat Brooch

Retro Halloween Ribbon

Halloween Sneak Peek #1

July 27, 2010

I’m going to be posting a few teasers this week for my Halloween line. So far, everything is coming along great! I even have plans to make some really awesome brooches made of fabric and paper. I had think about the logistics of making jewelry out of paper first, though, but I think I’ve figured it out. I’m going to do a test run tomorrow and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, a few sneak peeks (with more to come later in the week).

Retro Halloween Fabric

Vintage Dresden Halloween Cats

Retro Halloween Flocked Kitty Fabric

Retro Halloween Paper Scraps

Are you getting as excited as I am? ♥
* * *

Oh! I also wanted to mention that I stocked the Flapper Girl Boutique with some super cute Vampire Bat coffee cozies.

They are a limited edition, only available through October 31, and are $12 each. However, my Xmas in July Sale is going on right now, so if you want to score one of these cozies for only $10 + FREE SHIPPING, then be sure to do so before the sale ends this Saturday, July 31.

Sorry if you were hoping to get one of these cozies in the golden harvest colorway. I sold the last one on Sunday.

Halloween Coffee Cozies

More Vintage Halloween Photos

May 25, 2010

Awhile ago, I made a post about my current search for vintage Halloween photos. The process has been going well, and I’ve even been able to acquire a few really fabulous images. More about those later this summer, though.

Today I want to share some pretty rad photos I’ve found recently, but didn’t purchase because they fell into one of these categories: a) too expensive, b) forever lost when I forgot to place my bid in time, or c) simply not useful for the project I’m planning.

You can click on each image to be taken to its eBay listing. A few of these are still active auctions.

Vintage Halloween Lion Leopard

I see this leopard costume pretty frequently in old Halloween photos on eBay. I love it, and this is the first time I’ve seen the mask and body suit worn together as a whole. The shadow of the mom-figure taking the picture is really great, as is the old house in the background.

* * *

Vintage Halloween Party

Even though the auction for this item is over, I still recommend checking out its eBay auction page because the seller posted a few hi-res shots of the various Halloween details in this image. I really covet the Halloween decor!

* * *

Vintage Kids Halloween Costumes

Three great costumes! I love them all for different reasons. The cat is adorable. The Sea Hag scores many enthusiastic WTF-THIS-IS-SO-WEIRD-BUT-SO-AWESOME points. The cowboy is rad, too. I can’t tell if he’s supposed to be a specific culture personality or just a generic cowboy. Anyone recognize this character?

* * *

Vintage Girl with Pumpkin

I think my fondness for this image has a lot to do with the fact that it reminds me of this photo I took of Nattie when she was five. Plus, the hat is super fantastic.

* * *

Halloween Party Skeleton Vintage

The skeleton is pretty damn adorable, and I wish I had that wallpaper in the background.

* * *

Vintage Halloween Party

I really dig all the small details of this photo. First, there’s the Halloween decor. That tablecloth is amazing, and I like the skeleton at the top of the image. Then, all three costumes are great too. I especially like that pirate’s ensemble. And that cowgirl is really pretty.

Vintage Halloween Photos

February 9, 2010

Like I mentioned last week, I already have Halloween on the brain. I’ve been looking to purchase some vintage Halloween snapshots to scan and use in paper garlands. I’ve got a few searches saved on eBay, and I’m keeping my eyes peeled at a few key spots around Portland. So far, I haven’t found anything that’s quite what I’m looking for, but since I’m starting my search so early in the year, I’ve got time on my side.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the hunt! I love old snap shots in general, and it’s always cool to see what life was like in the past. Here are a few cool photos I’ve recently seen on eBay.

Vintage Halloween Party

Vintage Halloween Kids

Vintage Devil Costume

Vintage Halloween Costumes