The Knittn’ Kitten

November 12, 2010

On Tuesday I went to the Knittn’ Kitten to take some photos for a school project I’m working on. I’m posting some of my photos here to remind my fellow Portlanders that if you’re making any handmade gifts this holiday season, the Kitten can hook you up with whatever you need—at bargain prices.

And remember, you can always call the store to ask if they have certain items in stock. Ethel & Rome are awesome ladies, who are super friendly and helpful.

Inventory Knittn Kitten

Pink and Red Spools of Thread

Button Cards

Knitting Needles

Blue and Brown Vintage Fabric

Hand-Dyed Lace by Ethel of the Knittn Kitten

Crochet Thread

Rick Rack at the Knittn' Kitten


Retro Sewing Patterns at the Knittn' Ktiten

Knittn Kitten Inventory

Embroidery Floss

Yarn at the Knittn Kitten

I Made Another Skirt!

June 30, 2010

Handmade Skirt

Well, I made another skirt. This time I used an awesome vintage green floral print I found at the Knittn’ Kitten (of course). Seriously, locals, if you haven’t been to the Kitten, you are totally missing out.

I used this pattern again, and for some reason, this skirt fits me a little bit better than the last skirt I made using the same pattern. I also hemmed the skirt up a little higher, since my last one was a little too long for my liking*.

Handmade Green Skirt

I think this may be the last of my personal projects for the summer, except for a few baby gifts for my friend Esmeralda, who is expecting a baby boy in just a few short months.

I wanted to make two dresses for myself, but I’m going to start on my Hallowe’en line when I get back from Chicago in mid-July, and depending on how that goes, I may have a little bit of time to sew the dresses at the end of summer before school starts back up. We’ll see. I’m beyond excited to get started on my Hallowe’en stuff, though! It’s something to look forward to post-vacation.

Handmade Skirt With Vintage Fabric

What am I up to the rest of the week? Putting together my garage sale. I haven’t had a garage sale in years. I figured I could handle a one-day sale, though, so that’s what I’m going to be up to on Saturday. If you’re local, you should swing by!

* But cute enough for me to keep it that way.

Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series: Week 7

November 3, 2009


This week’s free pattern from the Knittn Kitten is by the uber-talented Lee Meredith of Leethal Designs. Check out how sweet and awesome these Lined Zippered Knit Coin Pouches are! Lee says:

I had fun combining knitting and hand sewing together in this project, and seeing the different pouch types you can get from different gauges. This isn’t exactly a quick project, with all the hand sewing (at least not for me!) but it’s so satisfying when it’s finished and looks all neat, with the bias tape and lining.

Be sure to stop by the Knittn Kitten this week to pick up your free project sheet along with all the materials you’ll need to make your own batch of these cute coin purses.

Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series: Week 6

October 27, 2009

Week Six

This week’s free pattern from the Knittn Kitten is by Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty fame. These sweet little pin cushions would make perfect Xmas gifts for all your crafty friends and relatives this holiday season. Be sure to stop by the Knittn Kitten this week for the free project sheet, and all the supplies you’ll need to make this cute must-have sewing accessory.

Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series: Week 5

October 21, 2009

My felt cupcake iron-on applique tutorial is this week’s free pattern from the Knittn’ Kitten!

Cupcake Giveaway

This tutorial features easy-to-follow instructions and full scale pattern (no resizing is necessary) to make your own iron-on cupcake patches from felt. Each finished patch measures 3.5″ high from the top of the cherry to the bottom of the cup, and 3″ across at the widest point. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to attach the patch to your garment.

So be sure to stop by the Knittn’ Kitten this week for your free pattern, plus all the supplies you’ll need to make your own batch of felt cupcake iron-ons.

Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series: Week 2

October 1, 2009


Hey Portlanders—don’t forget to stop by the Knittn Kitten this week for your new free project sheet! This week’s pattern will show you how to make these super cute beaded hairpins by Teresa Sullivan. I think any lovely lady in your life—young or old—would love receiving handmade flair to wear in her hair.


Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series Kick-Off

September 22, 2009

It’s time! The Knittn Kitten Free Pattern Series officially kicks off today. This week, you can head on down to the Kitten, and ask Ethel or Rome for this awesome pattern to make an Anthropologie-inspired “statement” necklace by Heather Mann.


You can read more about this project on Heather’s blog, and pick up your free pattern at the Knittn Kitten any time this week! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more wonderful FREE patterns in the coming weeks.

The Knittn Kitten, 7530 NE Glisan Street, Portland OR 97213, (503) 255-3022, Tuesday – Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

Free Craft Patterns from the Knittn Kitten

September 18, 2009

I’m excited to announce that I’m helping out with a fun project—donating a free pattern to support one of my favorite crafty sites in Portland, the Knittn Kitten.


Each week a different local crafter will be offering up a free project sheet (pick it up at the Kitten) to try, and you can find all the supplies for it in the shop to make your own version. There’s also a new flickr pool celebrating the shop—please join and add your photos of treasures you’ve found, projects you’re making with these patterns, or anything else Kittenish!

Here’s a list of the crafters participating so far…

September 22 – Heather Mann

September 29 – Teresa Sullivan

October 6 – Diane Gilleland

October 13 – Joey Groendes

October 20 – Me

October 27 – Susan Beal

November 3 – Lee Meredith

November 10 – Bridget Benton

All of us will post photos of the new projects on our blogs every week and of course you can also see them all in the flickr group as they’re unveiled!

Please help spread the word about the pattern giveaway, and if you’re local and have a chance to stop by the Knittn Kitten, we’d all love to see what you make!

* Knittn Kitten Free Pattern! Series logo by Diana Schreiber.

Save the Knittn Kitten

September 1, 2009

kitten1lAs most of you know, my favorite indie fabric store in Portland is the Knittn Kitten. It is run by a wonderful mother/daughter team, and since the Knittn Kitten is a fabric thrift store, it sells quality crafting and sewing supplies (many of which are vintage) at amazingly inexpensive prices (yes, even the vintage stuff). There are so many reasons why I love this store. Here are just a few:

• The owners are warm, friendly people who care about their customers.
• It makes me feel good to know I’m making eco-friendly purchases by buying second-hand.
• It makes me feel good to know I’m supporting a locally-owned, independent business.
• It makes what I do with Flapper Girl possible. Seriously.

I was in there today, buying some much-needed supplies, and found out that the Kitten has hit a really rough patch this year, but especially in the last few months. The owners are starting to wonder if they are going to last through the end of the year.

Basically, if this store closes, I have no idea what I am going to do. The Knittn Kitten is a Portland gem that cannot be lost!

So please, if you are in the Portland area, think about going to to the Knittn Kitten this month and spending some of your sewing/craft supply budget there. Even spending just $5 would help out a lot. And please pass the word along to anyone else who is crafty.

They prefer checks or cash, but cards will not be turned down.

Thank you so much for reading this far, hearing me out, and helping to
save a very awesome local business.

The Knittn Kitten
7530 N.E. Glisan St.
Portland, OR. 97213
Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Oregonian Features the Knittn Kitten

June 18, 2009

Picture 2
It put a smile on my face to see that the Oregonian created a video feature on my favorite fabric store here in Portland. Click here to watch the video about the Knittn Kitten on the Oregonian’s website.