L’oracle by Edith Lebeau

June 14, 2013

loracle by edith lebeau

I was so honored and excited when the lovely and talented visual artist Edith Lebeau asked me to model for her painting L’Oracle. I love the way it turned out! The colors and textures and whole mood of the piece is wonderful. I’m so thrilled and lucky I got to be a part of it in some small way ♥

L’Oracle is part of an oracle-themed group exhibition that opens this weekend at the Gristle Tattoo Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Be sure to check out Miss Lebeau & her fabulous work at these places around the web:


Badass Vintage Street Style: 1920s

June 10, 2013
1920s[Photo Source]

Love these fashionable ladies loitering outside the opera house!

Badass Vintage Street Style

June 7, 2013
badass[photo source]

♥ Badasses: Louise, Betty, & Barbara ♥

Come Sail Away With Me

June 2, 2013
vintage sailing[image source]

Over the weekend, my extended blog design customization privileges expired here on my WordPress blog. I have been toying with the notion of moving to Blogspot for a long while now anyway, so instead of forking over the $30 to have a decent-looking-but-limted layout here on WordPress, I’m going to spend the next few weeks designing a new blog layout altogether and then finally taking the plunge and moving over to Blogspot.

I will do one last post on here when my new blog home is complete, letting you all know my new blog URL. I sure hope you’ll come sail away with me when that happens!

In the meantime, please excuse the very fugly, un-stylish, bare-bones blog layout I’ve got going on right now. Shield your eyes—or better yet, view this post on your favorite reader instead—and know things will be pretty again soon, when I sail off to a new blog space. xoxo

*** EDIT 06-04-13: This blog post got picked up by Reddit today, and I was too embarrassed by my shitty layout, so I renewed my privileges, and my custom layout is back up and running. I’m still moving over to Blogspot soon, though! In the meantime, thanks for sticking around ♥ ***

Badass Vintage Street Style: Blazers

May 31, 2013
blazers[photo source]

I love this photo of these ladies in their summer attire. Somehow they make those blazers look so casual and badass. This is something I have never been able to do. Some women can look stunning in a blazer*, but I always end up looking extremely unstylish. Maybe my body type just can’t pull it off. Or perhaps it takes the right vintage blazer to do the trick. All I know is that this photo is really inspring—and maybe the next time I see a kick-ass vintage blazer in a thrift store, I’ll at least try it on and see what happens.

* For example, Lisa looks so badass and gorgeous in her gray blazer.

Badass Vintage Street Style: Rebel Girls

May 27, 2013
gin[photo source]

Rebel Girls ♥

Badass Lady Crush: Neko Case

May 17, 2013




Neko Case is such a badass. I’ve been obsessed with her music lately, much in the same way I was obsessed with Tom Petty around this time last year. These songs, especially, have been on heavy rotation: Hold On Hold On, People Got a Lotta Nerve, This Tornado Loves You, I’m an Animal, Red Tide.

On a music-related note, I discovered Spotify a few months ago and it has been so much fun creating playlists and looking up old, obscure songs from my youth. My only two gripes about it are: 1. I hate that I can’t find members that I’m not friends with on Facebook (some of my friends don’t have Facebook accounts), and 2. It sucks that there is no way to share playlists except through Facebook. I would love it if I could share playlists on the blog.

Thoughts on Earrings

May 13, 2013
49c0ac887c9a22ca53a21eeac2de5d08[photo source]

This image of Clara Bow recently caught my eye (and my heart) on Pinterest. Miss Bow looks especially sassy with her wavy, choppy bob and sly look in her eyes. The collar and sleeves on her shirt (or dress) are so lovely—but it’s those earrings that are the most amazing of all.

I wear glasses almost every day. For some reason I feel silly wearing big, long earrings with my glasses, and I’m not sure why. I just look in the mirror and think, ‘that’s too much.‘ Am I crazy for thinking that? Would earrings + glasses work better with my hair up, perhaps? Do my bespectacled friends rock the dangly earrings? I’d love to know your thoughts.


Badass Style Inspiration: Miss Dapper

May 10, 2013




[Photo Sources: 123 • 4]

I know it’s getting a little too warm outside (for many of us, anyway) for sweaters, tweed, and wool, but aren’t these looks just dreamy?

Badassery Inspiration

May 6, 2013



01 [photo sources: 123]

Let’s kickstart this week with some fierce ladies being rad.