Bad-Ass Vintage Style

February 20, 2013

bad ass vintage style

Here is some badass vintage style to kick-off your Wednesday on the right note. Photo via the lovely blog Borrow From the Boys. I’d also like to thank the author of Borrow From the Boys for the very sweet and awesome feature on Lady Ties she posted yesterday. ♥

Badass Babes in Bomber Jackets

January 28, 2013
bomberjackets[photo source]

“Six U.S.O. Girls wear A-2 jackets belonging to the 90th Bomb Group, a.k.a. “Jolly Rogers,” under a B-24 bomber.”

Read more about the history of bomber jackets here.

Bad-Ass Vintage Street Style

January 18, 2013
vintage-street-style[photo source]

Some badass vintage street style to kick-off your Friday on the right note.

Vintage Style Crush: The Teddy Girls

January 11, 2013




With their slicked-back quiffs and tailored jackets, John Lennon’s teddy girlfriends in Sam Taylor-Wood’s biopic Nowhere Boy (2009) are the rebellious antidote to the boys’ mouthy machismo. Teddy girls were the first British female youth group, and their rebellion has until recently gone quite undocumented. But with Nowhere Boy and an exhibition in 2006 called “The Bombsite Boudiccas,” which featured pictures Ken Russell took of London Teddy Girls in 1955, film and photography is shining a light on this bangin’ girl tribe.

Instead of getting pissed and causing trouble, Teddy Girls caused a sensation with what they wore, which was a fastidious combination of 50’s rockabilly and haute couture, resembling Edwardian-era fashions. Girls combined pencil skirts and rolled-up jeans with tailored jackets, often adorned with velvet collars or cuffs, flat shoes, clutch bags, doo-rags and elaborate quiffs. Smoking, riding bikes, and kissing boys was the extent of the rebellion, but they sure looked good doing it.

Betty Swallow Blog

[Photos Source]

I stumbled across this wonderful discovery via Alex‘s lovely Pinterest page.