Badass Vintage Street Style: Summer Roadtrip

August 14, 2013
vintage road trip[photo source*]

Today I’m feeling inspired by these badass ladies in their road trip gear. The sunglasses and jumpsuits are especially lovely. I wonder where they were headed?

*I can’t find the original photo source for this! If this image happens to belong to you, and you would like to receive credit, or have this image removed, please contact me and I will do so. Thanks!

Badass Vintage Street Style: Summertime

July 8, 2013
summerstyle[photo source]

I love this sassy gal’s casual summer style. Her high-waisted shorts, the collar and sleeves on her shirt, and her simple chic hat are all really fantastic.

Badass Vintage Street Style: 1940s Summer Tomboy

July 1, 2013
40stomboy[photo source]

♥ So lovely ♥

Badass Vintage Street Style: Summer Retreat

June 28, 2013
40ssummerretreat[photo source]

Some gorgeous, badass ladies on a summer retreat in 1942.

Badass Vintage Street Style: 1920s

June 10, 2013
1920s[Photo Source]

Love these fashionable ladies loitering outside the opera house!

Badass Vintage Street Style

June 7, 2013
badass[photo source]

♥ Badasses: Louise, Betty, & Barbara ♥

Badass Vintage Street Style: Blazers

May 31, 2013
blazers[photo source]

I love this photo of these ladies in their summer attire. Somehow they make those blazers look so casual and badass. This is something I have never been able to do. Some women can look stunning in a blazer*, but I always end up looking extremely unstylish. Maybe my body type just can’t pull it off. Or perhaps it takes the right vintage blazer to do the trick. All I know is that this photo is really inspring—and maybe the next time I see a kick-ass vintage blazer in a thrift store, I’ll at least try it on and see what happens.

* For example, Lisa looks so badass and gorgeous in her gray blazer.