Flapper Dictionary

September 12, 2011

A few months ago my friend Esmeralda sent me this link from BoingBoing about an old issue of Flapper Magazine from 1922 that included a Flapper Dictionary. It was such a rad find, and I knew instantly that I needed to own something like this eventually.

So I was incredibly delighted when I recently found this vintage Flapper Dictionary by Richmond Novelty Company for a measly six smackers. The cover boasts that the contents inside are “words and terms used by the modern generation.”

Flapper Dictionary 1920s

It’s a funny little mini-mag with 10 pages of jazz-age slang definitions—all of which are both wonderful and hilarious. Here are my favorites:

APPLESAUCE: Anything not good. Blaah.

BARNEY MUGGIN: The business of making love.

BENT HAIRPIN: An old maid.

BOOBTICKLER: A young lady who entertains her father’s customers from out of town.

BUN DUSTER: Another name for Cake-Eater. [NOTE: Cake-Eater is not in the Flapper Dictionary, but I found the definition here.] 

CAT’S CUFFS: A doubtful story.

CELLAR SMELLER: A young man who is always around when liquor is to be hand without cost.


COFFIN: Any cola drink.

CRUMB GOBBLER: A cake eater or bun duster who makes a specialty of crashing in at teas.

DUCK’S QUACK: The best ever.

FIGLEAF: A one piece bathing suit.

FROG’S EYEBROWS: Nice, fine.

GOBBY: A dumbell who has no style, no pep, no nothing.

GUM DROP: A stingy person.

HOLY SMOKES: Probation officers who visit dance halls to make sure there is no improper dancing.


KIPPY: Neat and nice.

PRUNE PIT: Passe, way behind the times.

PUNCHING THE BAG: Talking your fool head off about nothing.

SMOKE EATER: A flapper with a strong appetite for cigarettes.

TABBY CAT: The one you hate the most.

TOMATO: A good looking girl who can dance like a blue streak, but is otherwise a perfect dumbell.

TURTLE’S TOES: A pleasant surprise.

WALLIE: A boy with patent leather hair.

WEATHER BUREAU: Fellow who breaks with a girl at various season, such as Easter, Christmas, etc.

WIND SUCKER: A Braggart.

WOOF! WOOF!: An expression of ridicule or indignation.

ZEBRA: A convict.



1956 Union College Yearbook Photos

September 11, 2011

A few weeks ago my lovely blog pal Hannah sent me a fantastic surprise in the mail—a 1962 North Hollywood High School yearbook and a 1956 Union College yearbook. I was touched and delighted and want to say a big ol’ thank you again to Hannah. She makes really amazing folklore-inspired clothing and accessories—go check out her goodies if you haven’t already!

First up for sharing highlights is the Union College yearbook. Enjoy!

Silver Spoons

“Charles Sims, Bill Harris, and Jane Camp look over Miss Hall’s collection of silver spoons.”

How fantastic is Jane Camp’s outfit? I love the belt and popped collar action she’s got going on!

* * *

Studying Hard

“Melvin and his bible.”

* * *

Dormitory Ladies’ Club

Dormitory Ladies' Club

* * *

School Dance

1956 Union College Yearbook Photo“Receiving the corsage.”
Love those outfits and hairdos!

* * *


Vintage Magician Halloween“Sam James entertains with magic feats.”

* * *

Hanging Out

Vintage Diner College Students

* * *

Nursing Students

Vintage Nursing StudentsBack when uniforms were way more stylish!

* * *

Senior Students

The best part about this yearbook is that each senior student has a very posed and stylized photo of themselves in the senior class section. Ranging from hilarious, unnerving, and awesome, these photos are really fabulous. Here are my favorites.

Senior with Snakes and RodentsDarlene Ruth Kirchner from Iowa
Major: Education, Biology
Minor: Mathematics

* * *

Vintage NurseSylvia Spaulding McCormack from Colorado
Major: Nursing

* * *

Vintage Lady Looking at RecordsBetty Northcutt from Texas
Major: Nursing

* * *

Vintage Girl with RollerskatesMarian Syfert Page from Nebraska
Marjor: Nursing

* * *

Vintage ScientistRonald Milo Nelson from Kansas
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology

* * *

Vintage Student with SkeletonClifton Dale Reeves from Oklahoma
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

1944 Texas State College for Women Yearbook Photos

August 18, 2011

I picked up a 1944 yearbook from the Texas State College for Women months ago, and finally got a chance this week to scan the highlights. There are quite a few goodies, so enjoy!

Beauty Winners

Beauty Winner 1944

Beauty Winner 1944

* * *

The Serenaders

All Girl College Band 1940s“Furnishing popular music for many a college activity were these girls.”

* * *

Cute Band Nerds

Cute Vintage Band NerdsHere’s a great snapshot of lovely musicians putting away their instruments after band class.

* * *

Yearbook Staff

Vintage SecretaryThis lady is adorable, and I love her shirt and sweater combo. The caption reads,”Business Manager Mary Frances Jamison checks over the Daedalian Yearbook’s Account.”

* * *

Rollerskating Enthusiasts

Vintage Roller Skating Ladies

I love this photo of these ladies rollerskating outside. The caption reads, “Here two skating enthusiasts play train on the sidewalk by the gymnasium, with only an engine and a caboose.”

* * *


Vintage College GirlsThis is one of my favorite photos from the whole yearbook. The raven-haired lass on the right looks like such a bad-ass! I would have wanted to be her friend.

* * *

Party Time

Vintage Party 1940s“Lowry Club members are shown at a get-together in the Cabin-in-the-Woods.”

Vintage Party“Seniors pause to “refresh” in front of the faculty babies picture booth.”

* * *

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

* * *

Yuletide Season

Vintage Christmas Party“Louise Johnson, Doris Dowdell, Marilyn Maxey, and Mary Lou Kesterson pose for a picture after the Christmas Party in Stoddard.”

The Corn-Huskin’ Bee

Corn Huskin' Bee“That great day when sophistication, sequins, and formality are stowed among text books, TSCW girls come down out of the hills and cut loose at an evening of hill-billy folk-dancing, corny singing, hog calling, and actin’! Where there’s corn there are plaid shirts. And where there are five mustached villains, there is bound to be a hero and a gal—two in this case.”

* * *

Dates from the Date Bureau

Vintage Couple Playing PoolLove this one! This handsome couple looks so cute and dapper. “Jeannette Bush and Lieut. Will Crawford, having met through the Date Bureau, enjoy a nice evening together at the College Club.”

* * *

Helle’s Bell

Vintage Skeleton CostumesI saved the best for last. Isn’t this photo amazing? I love those handmade skeleton costumes. The caption reads, “Miss Devil, (Betty Taylor), smiles triumphantly as she overlooks the Hell scene presented by the Freshman stunt winners in their picturization of “Helle’s Bell.” The belles and gruesom skeltons in the pictures create the setting for the sad tale of Orpheus and won the cup for the class.”

Vintage Alden’s Catalog from 1953

June 12, 2011

Somehow over the past few months I’ve added vintage catalogs to the list of things I collect obsess over. I sort of sat on the outskirts for a long while, stalking eBay for 1920s and 1930s catalogs that ended up selling for way too much money. Then a few weeks ago while the fam was at The Needle, Chas pointed out a 1953 Alden’s Catalog for $6 and we brought it home with us.

One of the lovely things about this particular catalog is that the original blank order form and return envelope managed to stay inside the catalog for nearly 60 years, loosely tucked between two of the pages.

1953 Aldens Catalog Dresses“Gay, cool “shortalls” with matching whirl-wide skirts!” Very lovely matching separates. This catalog was from the year my dad was born, and I like to imagine my grandmother wearing something similar.

* * *

1950s Aldens Catalog BlousesBig Blouse Buys! Can I please get #51, #54, #56, & #57 in every available colorway?

* * *

Vintage Catalog Slips 1950sGlamour Cottons? Yes, please!

* * *

Aldens Bras Panties and Lingerie 1950sVintage lingerie! The plaid sets are my favorite.

* * *

Vintage Aldens Mens Clothing 1950sAnd last but not least, a little something for the dudes. I would like to say I imagine my grandfather wearing something like this, but I only ever saw him in forest green work coverall jumpsuits—no joke!

Vintage Yearbook Photos: Florida & Alabama Womens Colleges

June 6, 2011

Ok, so here is the last Florida State College For Women yearbook I have. This one is the 1932 edition. It has a bold Greek theme throughout with a red, black and white color palette.  Unfortunately, there aren’t very many awesome photos to be found in this book. The photos are generally a lot smaller than the ones in the ’30 & ’31 yearbooks, and there aren’t any nice linen papers in it either. Overall, the design seems a bit cheaper than the two yearbooks before it. Perhaps a budget cut is to blame? The Great Depression was raging on at the time, after all.

Anyway, onto a few cool tidbits.


Vintage Student BodySome of the lovely students. I’m digging the way fashion is heading at this point! There is still some flapper finger wave action going on, but the ladies are starting to experiment more with their short hairdos.

School Ballot

I have to admit, despite the overall cheaper look of this book, I love the design of the school ballot section, and how they included a casual and formal photo for each girl. Miss Clementine Newman won for Intellectuality. I love her floral dress.

Miss Nancy Lang won for beauty. You may remember that she won the sophistication title the year prior.

* * *

The other yearbook I scored a little while ago is from the Women’s College of Alabama. It’s the 1930 edition, and with a title of Bells and Pomegranates, how could I pass it up?


Vintage Yearbook BeautyJust like the 1929 University of Florida yearbook, this one had a section devoted to beauty. Miss Emily Young is quite stunning.

Vintage Yearbook BeautyFrancis Davis is quite lovely too. I also really love the backdrops used in these photos.

Vintage Year Book Filmstrip MotifAll the beautiful ladies. I totally dig this art deco film-strip motif.

School Play

Vintage School PlayDrama nerds from 1930!

Vintage Yearbook Photos: 1930 Florida State College For Women

May 17, 2011

As you might recall, awhile ago I acquired a 1931 Florida State College for Women yearbook. Then, a few weeks later, I acquired the 1930 and 1932 editions from the same person. Today, I’m going to share highlights from the 1930 yearbook.

Freshmen in Fur

Vintage Yearbook 1930s Freshmen
Vintage Yearbook 1930 GirlsHere are some of the freshmen ladies. I noticed many of them were wearing furs in their photos. I thought it was interesting that just the freshmen girls seemed to find fur stylish—I couldn’t find anyone in any of the the other classes wearing it.

Basketball Uniforms

Vintage Space Age Basketball UniformsThey’re a bit space-agey, no?

Soccer Team

Vintage Girls Soccer Team

Hockey Team

Vintage Ladies Hockey Team


Vintage Womens Tennis PlayersI love the cut-outs of the tennis players posing with their racquets.

Cotillion Club

Again, the Cotillion club proves to be very stylish and totally badass.

Most Modern Girl

Vintage Modern GirlI saved my favorite part of the yearbook for last. Miss Virgina Bailey got voted Most Modern Girl in senior ballot. I love that she was a pilot and they took a photo of her in her airplane*.

*I assume it’s her airplane since her last name is inscribed on it.

1929 University of Florida Yearbook

April 1, 2011

Here it is—the pirate-themed University of Florida yearbook from 1929. It’s pretty spectacular. Let’s start with the cover.


1929 Pirate Vintage Yearbook Cover
Under-the-Sea: I love the sunken treasure chest, the seahorses, and all the embossing. Very exquisite!



Vintage Pirate Yearbook Endsheets
Illustrated endsheets depicting pirates burying—or perhaps digging up—treasure on the beach appear in the front & back of the book (click for larger image).


Title Pages

Each section has its own illustrated title page, with pirates-a-plenty. Here are the title pages for each of the classes. Check out all those details in the borders!

Seniors Pirate Title Page

Juniors Title Page Pirates

Sophomores Pirate Title Page

Freshmen Pirates Title page



A sampling of seniors. I love all the pirate-y details woven between the photos. I was a little disappointed the University of Florida was an all-dude school back then. Heh… check out that guy in the middle with the moustache! (click for larger photo)


Swim Team

The Varsity Swim Team in old-timey swimsuits. (click for larger photo)


Love this photo frame!



Even though this was an all-guy school, there is a section dedicated to beauty, and includes eight stunning full-page photos of young women. I’m not sure who these women are—girlfriends of some of the seniors, perhaps? That was Chas’ guess. Here are the best ones of the bunch:

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Like I said, very lovely indeed!

1931 Florida State Women’s College Yearbook

March 26, 2011

Art Deco IntroSo those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I recently acquired a 1931 Florida State Women’s College Yearbook. It finally arrived in the mail this week, and as promised, I am delivering the highlights.

First off, I gotta say, this is the most beautiful yearbook I’ve come across yet. The overall design is lovely, totally art deco, and done in a mint green and peach colorway. Someone knew how to pick out fonts, and thought to splurge on linen paper. Hot damn!

A Sampling of the Student Body

I love all that short, wavy flapper hair!

Anetta Hamilton

The cover page of this yearbook is inscribed “Anetta Hamilton. Theta Upsilon House. 1931.” I went looking for Miss Hamilton’s photo, but when I came across her name in the sophomores section, her photo was meticulously cut out, and replaced with a tiny white square of paper that had this statement handwritten across it, “So very sorry I cut out this picture. See p. 195 for another. I think it’s one of my best.” When I turned the page, there was more writing on the other side of the tiny piece of paper, “Too young to realize! Such a shame I cut this out when I needed a good picture years ago.” So funny! I went to page 195 and found this photo:

Anetta is on the top row, second in from the left.

We Moderns

There is a section simply called We Moderns that features full-page spreads of the lovely ladies who won the Senior Ballot. Here are a few of my favorites.


Rep Student



String Ensemble

Vintage String Ensemble
That little drummer girl on the far right is adorable! (P.S. Click for a better view)

Cotillion Club

Cotillion Club
The sharp looking Cotillion Club. (P.S. Click for a better view)

* * *

This week I bought another Florida yearbook from the same eBay seller. It’s a 1929 University of Florida yearbook, and this one is pirate-themed. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine—it looks incredible! As always, I will be sure to share the highlights as soon as it arrives in the mail.

1928 Tamaqua High School Yearbook

February 12, 2011

Here is the last installment of vintage photos from the trio of high school yearbooks I acquired over Xmas break. This last one is a Tamaqua High School Yearbook from 1928. Titled the Sphinx, I was happy to see that the layout & design of this books takes advantage of Egyptian Art Deco motifs, which were popular at the time.

The School Newspaper Staff

Vintage Yearbook Newspaper Staff
Look at all those low-waisted flapper fashions and short bobbed haircuts! I’m digging the dapper suits & sweaters. I even spy a bow tie in the back row. A very lovely, fashionable group of young journalists, I must say.

Seinors–Babyface & Deb

Deb & Babyface
Here is a page from the senior class section. The layout features two students per page, with a portrait, snapshot, and sentimental paragraph for each person. This page features Eleanor aka “Baby Face” and Deb.

Deb is a smart tomboy, who was a member of the Biology Club, Newspaper, and held the Assistant Editor position of the Yearbook Club. This was written next to her photo, “To know her is to love her. This quotation is appropriately and correctly applied to Deb. Had we Deb’s literary ability no doubt we could do her rare personality justice. She is truly everybody’s friend. Always first to point out one’s good characteristics, she is very optimistic on discerning their faults and weaknesses.”

Babyface & Deb

I love the above casual snapshot of Deb. She looks happy and relaxed, and I like her snazzy striped tie.

Deb is also pictured in the Newspaper Staff photo at the top of this post—she’s front row center.

Track Team

Vintage High School Track Team

The track team with their awesome uniforms. I’m digging the faux-sash action on their shirts.


Vintage High School Band Photo

I love this photo of the school orchestra!

Dice Team

Vintage Dice Team Joke

One of the things I found really endearing about this yearbook was that there was a lot of humor peppered throughout the whole thing. Take this fake Dice Team page, for example. Other faux teams featured: Shaking Team, Tiddlewinx Team, Solo Polo (complete with a photo of a teenage boy student on an old child’s rocking horse).

Faux Advertisements

1928 Yearbook Faux Ads

And there was even a page of student-made parody advertisements!

How to Party Like it’s 1961: More Advice From the Teen Guide to Homemaking

November 12, 2010

I have more vintage instructions and advice to share with you from the Teen Guide to Homemaking. This time it’s all about party planning.


“The kind of party you decide to have will depend up the facilities and equipment you have in your home. Is the living room large enough for games or dancing? Do you have a rumpus room? Is there a porch that you can use for dancing or games? Is your back yard suited for having an outdoor party? Do you have a record player, a radio, or a TV set?

Teenagers enjoy a party that is gay and casual. Getting together to play records, dance, play games, watch TV, or just talk are the most usual kinds of parties among teenagers.”


• STEP 1 •

From the Teen Guide to HomemakingMake lists of the names of people you would like to invite and of the supplies you will need to purchase.

• STEP 2 •

From the Teen Guide to HomemakingSelect the records or whatever else you plan to use for entertainment.

• STEP 3 •

From the Teen Guide to Homemaking Select and make the table decorations and favors.

• STEP 4 •

From the Teen Guide to Homemaking Serve food that is liked, and serve it attractively.


Time for a Party by Ruth Brent, 1957.
Good Housekeeping Party Book edited by Dorothy Marsh & Carol Brock, 1958
101 Best Games for Teen-Agers by Lillian Frankel and Godfrey Frankel, 1951.
Brooms, Buttons, and Beaux by Emily Dow, 1957.
Seventeen Party Book by Enid Haupt, 1956.