Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011
[velvet ribbons by Pugly Pixel]

Wishing you all a happy holiday filled with lots of love and joy!

2011 Halloween & Autumn Garlands

August 2, 2011

Yesterday I launched my small line of Halloween Plush, and today I’m launching my Halloween garland line!

This year’s new retro Halloween apron designs will follow soon, as well as some other very cute spooky-n-festive goodies. But for now, here are the garlands!

Vintage-Inspired Autumn Harvest Garland

Fall Autumn Decor

Autumn Harvest Garland

Vintage-Inspired Farm Harvest Autumn Garland

This garland captures the magic and essence of autumn with warm inviting hues of peach, orange, brown, and gold. It conjures up the feeling of crisp breezes frolicking on your neck, the smell of fresh apples and pumpkins from the farm, and the sound of crunching fallen leaves under foot.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

The Little Witch Halloween Garland

The Little Witch Vintage-Inspired Garland

Retro Halloween Home Decor

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decorations

A cute little witch from a bygone era is joined by jolly jack-o-lanterns and festive black cats to wish you a Happy Halloween in this holiday garland.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Witch Black Cat Magic Halloween Home Decor

Magical Vintage-Inspired Halloween Witch Banner

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Something wicked this way comes!

This Halloween garland captures the magic of a witch’s alchemy with a pair of black cats, a den of witches, a peek at ancient eerie spell books, and the light of the full moon.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Halloween Plush 2011

August 1, 2011

Halloween Bat Plush

I just stocked my Etsy shop with my Halloween Plush line. Each one is unique, and comes with a keepsake adoption certificate.

Pictured above is Gusty the Bat. He loves chocolate-covered crickets, exploring dusty attics, and the color orange. Gusty measures appox. 7″ high from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his body, and 10.5″ wide with his wings spread.

Halloween on the Brain

February 24, 2011

Well, it’s official—I’ve begun planning my 2011 Hallowe’en line. It all started when I found a batch of this fabric and couldn’t pass it up.

Then I found some lovely black cotton ruffle trim to pair it with, and some vintagey gold foil autumn leaf dresden die cuts to use in a garland with this gal I picked up last year. I’m excited—this is just the beginning, folks! I still have months of planning, hunting, and gathering to do before I get to work on my Halloween goodies over summer—but I’m off to a good start!

I’m also working on a Halloween-themed branding project at school that I’m extremely excited about, and I’ve been having so much fun pulling together tons of spooky, vintage inspiration for. I’ll be sure to post more about that project as I’m finishing it up in the coming weeks.

Another flame fueling the Halloween fire right now is my recent acquisition of this book—Haunted Air by Ossain Brown*. It is filled with Brown’s unforgettable collection of vintage Halloween photographs. The book is brilliant, beautiful and brimming with so much inspiration and that lovely, spooky punctum distinct to old Halloween photos that I adore so much.

And with all this gushing about Halloween, it’s time for another round of fantastic vintage photos I lusted after over on eBay over the past few months. Past collections can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy!

I like that little devil—perfect pose! The lime green shoelaces are a great little detail.
My favorite Halloween photos are those taken around the turn of the century. They’re always the perfect combination of beautiful and creepy. The black-cloaked figure in the back gives me shivers.
Wool coats & unsettling masks.
She doesn’t seem very scared.
I love the details on the little witch’s cape.
* of industrial experimental music group Coil fame.

Springtime Easter Garlands & Cupcake Toppers

February 19, 2011

I know it’s still February, but I can feel spring coming. That’s why I’ve been tapping into some springtime inspiration, and creating a few things that will will bring a little bit of sunshine & warmth your heart and your home.

Vintage-Inspired SPRING Garland

Victorian Spring Garland

Vintage Pastel Spring Garland

Available here at the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Spring is in the air! This soft and fresh color palette will brighten your home and your heart. Letter medallions featuring a Victorian typeface spell out the word SPRING. All the traditional signs of a happy springtide are here—baby chicks hatching, playful bunnies offering up colorful dyed eggs, and even a dapper rabbit taking his first spring ride on his bicycle!

Letter medallions feature hand-folded crepe fringe, pastel pink glitter, and cream colored ribbon accents. Hatching chicks feature robin’s egg blue hand-folded crepe accents.

Garland measures approx. 44″ long.

NOTE: I also have a darling variation of this garland that features slightly different illustrations and spells out EASTER. It is available here at the Flapper Girl Boutique.

* * *

Victorian Easter Cupcake Picks

Easter Cupcake

Available here and here at the Flapper Girl Boutique.

This season I’m offering two different sets of these pretty pastel Victorian Easter Cupcake Picks.

Each pick measures 3.75″ tall. Each decoration measures 2″ in diameter (including crepe fringe). All are made from thick, quality card stock. All my cupcake toppers are reinforced with card stock backing, which means no visible sticks from the front or back.

* * *

Sweet Retro Animals Cupcake Picks

Available here at the Flapper Girl Boutique

I think these may be my new favorite cupcake picks! These retro toppers feature adorable vintage animal illustrations, and are perfect for all sorts of springtime celebrations, as well as birthday parties and baby showers.

Each pick measures 3.75″ tall. Each decoration measures 2″ in diameter (including crepe fringe). All are made from thick, quality card stock. All my cupcake toppers are reinforced with card stock backing, which means no visible sticks from the front or back.

Each set contains *TWO* of each design pictured above.

Vintage-Inspired Valentine’s Day Garlands

January 2, 2011

The holidays are over, we rang in a new year, and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve been a busy bee making Flapper Girl’s 2011 Valentine Collection, and I’m super excited to share it with you!

As always, months of planning, collecting, and designing went into each piece. This collection is a labor of love, which is appropriate since it’s all about celebrating the season of l’amour & romance.

Vintage-Inspired FATE Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine's Day Banner

Fortune Teller Garland

FATE Valentine GarlandAvailable here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Fate brings love and good fortune this Valentine’s Day with this vintage-inspired garland featuring a beautiful gypsy card reader, a sultry queen of diamonds, the face of a handsome suitor, and a vintage valentine depicting a hand of cards where “the jack and queen can be a pair.”

Letter medallions feature black hand-folded crepe fringe and red glitter accents. Playing card valentine features a black ribbon bow and fancy red ribbon tails.

Garland measures approx. 52″ long.

Vintage-Inspired BE MINE Valentine Garland

Retro Romantic Valentine Banner

Old Fashioned Valentine Garland

Pink & Green Romantic Valentine BannerAvailable here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

This romantic valentine garland features pretty-in-pink flappers, a dapper couple in love, a pair of vintage diamond & emerald rings, taupe hearts decorated with flowers and ribbons, and the loving sentiment of “Be Mine!”

Be Mine medallions feature sage green hand-folded crepe fringe, champagne pink glitter accents and extra long black ribbon tails. Ring medallions feature hand-folded black & ivory crepe fringe accents. Taupe hearts are decorated with tiny flower appliques and sage green bows.

Garland measures approx. 52″ long.

Art Deco LOVE Valentine Garland

Red & Black Flapper LOVE Banner

Flappers in Love Valentine's Day DecorationAvailable here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Love is in the air! This vintage-inspired Valentine Garland depicts three dapper jazz-age couples in love. An Art Deco typeface spelling out the word “LOVE” completes the look.

Letter medallions feature hand-folded red crepe paper fringe, black glitter accents and red ribbon tails. Heart components feature gray flocking and hand-folded white paper crepe fringe.

This garland is back by popular demand! It was first introduced last year for the 2010 Valentine Collection. Since it had such a great response last year, I gave it a bit of a revamp and am thrilled to be able to offer it again this year.

Garland measures approx. 40″ long.

Retro Valentine Cupacke Picks

Vintage Inspired Valentine's Day Cupcake PicksAvailable here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

This season, I’m also offering up these super cute retro Valentine’s Day cupcake picks! Each pick measures 3.75″ tall. Each decoration measures 2″ in diameter (including crepe fringe). All are made from thick, quality card stock. All my cupcake toppers are reinforced with card stock backing, which means no visible sticks from the front or back.

Each set contains *TWO* of each design pictured above.

Making Felt Ornaments

November 29, 2010

Vintage Booklet of Felt Ornament Patterns

I found this old book of felt Christmas ornament patterns at Powell’s on Friday night. And for $3.95, I just couldn’t pass it up.

The googly eyes aren’t quite my style, but they could easily be swapped out for some simple beads or even hand-stitched eyes.

The squirrel, elephant, cat and unicorn are my favorite designs.

I can’t wait for Xmas break, so I can make some of these little dudes.