2011 Halloween & Autumn Garlands

August 2, 2011

Yesterday I launched my small line of Halloween Plush, and today I’m launching my Halloween garland line!

This year’s new retro Halloween apron designs will follow soon, as well as some other very cute spooky-n-festive goodies. But for now, here are the garlands!

Vintage-Inspired Autumn Harvest Garland

Fall Autumn Decor

Autumn Harvest Garland

Vintage-Inspired Farm Harvest Autumn Garland

This garland captures the magic and essence of autumn with warm inviting hues of peach, orange, brown, and gold. It conjures up the feeling of crisp breezes frolicking on your neck, the smell of fresh apples and pumpkins from the farm, and the sound of crunching fallen leaves under foot.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

The Little Witch Halloween Garland

The Little Witch Vintage-Inspired Garland

Retro Halloween Home Decor

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decorations

A cute little witch from a bygone era is joined by jolly jack-o-lanterns and festive black cats to wish you a Happy Halloween in this holiday garland.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Bewitching Alchemy Halloween Garland

Witch Black Cat Magic Halloween Home Decor

Magical Vintage-Inspired Halloween Witch Banner

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Something wicked this way comes!

This Halloween garland captures the magic of a witch’s alchemy with a pair of black cats, a den of witches, a peek at ancient eerie spell books, and the light of the full moon.

Available here in the Flapper Girl Boutique.

Halloween Plush 2011

August 1, 2011

Halloween Bat Plush

I just stocked my Etsy shop with my Halloween Plush line. Each one is unique, and comes with a keepsake adoption certificate.

Pictured above is Gusty the Bat. He loves chocolate-covered crickets, exploring dusty attics, and the color orange. Gusty measures appox. 7″ high from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his body, and 10.5″ wide with his wings spread.

Batty For You

July 10, 2011

I’m making a small, limited edition series of  black bats and black cats for Halloween—only 10 of these guys total, with various spooky color and fabric combinations. No two are alike! This little guy was my test run. I think he is pretty damn adorable, and I really love his lavender bow tie.

What do you think? 

Vintage Halloween Photos

May 14, 2011

With summer approaching, I have Halloween on the brain in a major way. I know what you’re thinking—um, Christine, when aren’t you thinking about Halloween? I know, it’s seldom. The reason why I’m thinking about it even more, though, is because summer is the season in which I design and produce my Flapper Girl Halloween line each year, and summer is approaching fast. I think about my Halloween line all year long while collecting elements along the way, and as always, I’m getting excited to start playing with materials and designing some awesome pieces for the 2011 collection!

To help spread the excitement, here is another round of awesome vintage Halloween photos I’ve spotted on eBay the past few months. Enjoy!

The witch on the right is so lovely. I adore that collar on her costume and the scalloped edge on the bottom of her dress!
Vintage Halloween CostumesCute kiddos. I particularly fancy the animal costume on the far right.
Vintage Halloween PartyYes! An awesome teen Halloween party! I love those decorations, and I want that pigtailed lass’ black cardigan.
Cool Old LadiesThree sassy old ladies hamming it up on Halloween. I love this photo because it looks like they are having a lot of fun eating snacks, smoking cigarettes and drinking highballs.
Creepy Old Halloween CostumesEach costume is creepier than the next!
Vintage Lady & DevilI don’t know what this photo was from, but isn’t it amazing? This auction ended during the week my computer died, so I was unable to bid on it. It sold for only $10.50 which kills me a little bit inside.
*sigh* This photo is so fucking amazing, it almost blows my mind up. It’s dated October 29, 1914! Beautiful. Stunning. Large Format. It sold for around $175.00. I envy whomever has this in their collection.
Scary Old Halloween CostumesCreepy costumes + a seriously kick-ass jack-o-lantern. What’s not to love?

Halloween on the Brain

February 24, 2011

Well, it’s official—I’ve begun planning my 2011 Hallowe’en line. It all started when I found a batch of this fabric and couldn’t pass it up.

Then I found some lovely black cotton ruffle trim to pair it with, and some vintagey gold foil autumn leaf dresden die cuts to use in a garland with this gal I picked up last year. I’m excited—this is just the beginning, folks! I still have months of planning, hunting, and gathering to do before I get to work on my Halloween goodies over summer—but I’m off to a good start!

I’m also working on a Halloween-themed branding project at school that I’m extremely excited about, and I’ve been having so much fun pulling together tons of spooky, vintage inspiration for. I’ll be sure to post more about that project as I’m finishing it up in the coming weeks.

Another flame fueling the Halloween fire right now is my recent acquisition of this book—Haunted Air by Ossain Brown*. It is filled with Brown’s unforgettable collection of vintage Halloween photographs. The book is brilliant, beautiful and brimming with so much inspiration and that lovely, spooky punctum distinct to old Halloween photos that I adore so much.

And with all this gushing about Halloween, it’s time for another round of fantastic vintage photos I lusted after over on eBay over the past few months. Past collections can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy!

I like that little devil—perfect pose! The lime green shoelaces are a great little detail.
My favorite Halloween photos are those taken around the turn of the century. They’re always the perfect combination of beautiful and creepy. The black-cloaked figure in the back gives me shivers.
Wool coats & unsettling masks.
She doesn’t seem very scared.
I love the details on the little witch’s cape.
* of industrial experimental music group Coil fame.

Frankenstein’s Cat

November 1, 2010

I hope everyone had a very merry Hallowe’en yesterday. The weather was extremely beautiful for most of the day, and even though it turned overcast late in the afternoon, there wasn’t a drop of rain or even a gust of wind the entire night, which is so rare for these parts. We’ve actually had really good luck with super mild weather on Halloween night for the past few years. I can’t tell you how many times I had to go trick-or-treating as a kid with a heavy coat on, carrying an umbrella around.

Nattie’s FrankenCat costume was a huge success. She looked super cute! See for yourself:

Flapper Girl Halloween Apron in Action

October 26, 2010

Vintage Halloween Apron Witch Costume

Check out the lovely Theresa of Roaring Design sporting her Flapper Girl Halloween Hostess Apron. I love that she wore it as part of her retro witch costume! Be sure to check out Theresa’s beautiful blog, and the awesome pirate ship she carved out of pumpkins.