Summer Swimwear Inspiration: 1920s

July 24, 2013






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Introducing Bijou Ties + A Giveaway

July 16, 2013

Bijou Ties by Flapper Girl

I’m pleased as punch to announce that my line of ladies pin-on bow ties—or Bijou Ties, as I’m lovingly calling them—are now available in the Flapper Girl Shop. Each Bijou Tie has a standard bar pin secured to its back, which allows you to pin your bow anywhere you’d like to any garment you choose. They are adorable on collared shirts and dresses (as pictured above) but also look great as a lovely bow brooch that can be worn on dresses, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, etc.

I’ve also whipped up a special limited edition batch of Bijou Ties that I’m giving away. Three lucky winners will each receive one of these ties. I wanted it to be a fun surprise for whoever wins, so the design will remain a mystery—but I’ll give you a hint that the design is very retro and the colorway features a lovely robin’s egg blue. If you you’d like a chance to win please enter the giveaway on Rafflecopter.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support! You guys are the best ♥

The Old Crowd: Badass Babes

July 15, 2013


This great image is part of a rad fashion photo collection called The Old Crowd that is featured in the latest issue of Rookie Mag. Check it out for your Monday morning dose of fashion inspiration. Found via Calivintage.

Badass 1920s Shoes

May 3, 2013
1920s Shoes[photo source]

Currently wishing I had all these lovely jazz-age shoes.

Lady Ties: The Winter Collection

November 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving filled with laughter, love, and good times. After the day wound down, I snuggled up with a hot cup of post-feast coffee and stocked the Flapper Girl Shop with a handful of new lovely Lady Ties.

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The Winter Blues Collection was inspired by the cool color palette of blues, greens, and grays that I associate with winter. I wanted to nod to the season’s dark & quiet nature, while adding touches of warmth—since winter is also about staying cozy and finding comfort in small indulgences.

Designs Include:
Row 1 (left to right)
Winter Fresh: A vintage navy blue floral print that features tiny red, white, rust, and spearmint flowers. The contrast of cool & warm tones remind me of a cozy fire on a cold night.
Teal My Heart: A charming teal polka dot print. Pair it with a pastel shirt or dress to keep summer alive all winter long.
Frost Flowers: A winter-hued icicle-flower print that embodies the playful spirit of Jack Frost.

Row 2 (left to right)
Snegurochka: A lovely vintage wintry floral print Lady Tie for the gorgeous snow maiden in all of us.
Portland Sky: Here in Portland, Oregon we have to embrace the winter clouds and rain. This is my tribute to the seven months of cloud cover—a simple chic gray tie with lovely lace heart adornments. This will look lovely with almost anything.
Midnight: A deep navy polka dot print that is reminiscent of the winter night sky.

Row 3 (left to right)
Lazy Daisies: A lovely vintage floral print that embraces a winter color palette, while keeping the summer sunshine close at hand.
Lady Skater: This particular design was inspired by this lovely vintage playing card featuring an adorable ice-skating lass.

* * *

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Next up is a little dose of visual vitamin D. I’ve included a few bold-n-bright designs in this collection to help keep your spirit extra warm this season.

Designs Include:
Row 1 (left to right)
Sassy Sailor Too: Sail away with this adorable nautical Lady Tie featuring tiny red polka dots & red star appliques.
Wild Prairie Flowers: A bright yellow vintage floral print to put a bit of pep in your step any time of year.

Row 2 (left to right)
Midge: A sweet & feminine pink polka dot Lady Tie with hand-dyed lace heart adornments.
Peaches & Cream: This tie is as cozy & fresh as a slice of homemade peach pie and a hot cup of black peach tea with honey and milk.

* * *

Don’t forget that between Friday, November 23 & Monday, November 26 I am offering 25% OFF on ALL ORDERS from the Flapper Girl Etsy Shop. Just use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. You can check out the other fun stuff I’m offering as part of the holiday sale weekend here.

All Tied Up

August 1, 2011

A few months ago, I was doing a bunch of research for a term paper about Art Deco, 1920s car culture, and German Expressionist film influences on the Chrysler Building’s design. While in the thick of all that eye candy, I got sidetracked (as I usually do during research) and got sucked into looking at fashion of the ’20s—which has always been a favorite pastime. I love all the leading flapper ladies of the era, and while looking at old photos of Marlene Dietrich, I thought to myself, ‘God damn! I forgot how sexy and bad-ass Marlene Dietrich looked in her ties!’


Now, I could never pull off a bow tie, or a real neck tie for that matter, but I stumbled across an inexpensive black continental tie on eBay, and just had to give it a whirl. I finally busted it out the other day, and I gotta say, I really dig it.

I wore it with a white button-down shirt under a short-sleeved black sweater—red lipstick was a must! This look will definitely be getting more mileage in the coming autumn and winter months when it cools down a bit.

Awesome Fashion Advice From 1960

November 8, 2010

1960s Home Ec Textbook
A few years ago I acquired a 1961 copy of The Teen Guide to Homemaking at our local, annual library sale. It is a total gem in near-mint condition, scored for less than two bucks.

Anyway, I was leafing through it yesterday in hopes of stumbling across some information and inspiration for a big project in one of my classes. While doing so, I found some fashion advice sprinkled throughout the sidebars of a chapter called Getting Ready to Sew. I was impressed with how relevant* and classy the advice still is, so if you’re going for a retro look in your wardrobe, get ready to be schooled by the former Florida Supervisors of Homemaking Education.


• Avoid too many all-red garments and accessories—for example, avoid wearing a red dress, a red hat, red gloves, a red bag, and red shoes.
• Wear black accessories—hat, bag, and belt—and wear white or black shortie gloves.
• Wear gray or white blouses and sweaters.


• Wear brown accessories—hat, bag, gloves, and belt.
• Wear black accessories, but choose white shortie gloves.
• Wear sweaters and blouses of golden yellow, or red-and-green plaid.

1960s Green Jumper Dress


• Wear darker or lighter brown accessories—hat, bag, shoes, and gloves.
• Wear a bright, clear green, a soft moss green, or an aqua blouse, hat, or belt.
• Wear a print with rose pink, aqua, and gray designs for a dress or blouse.
• Wear a clear, warm red sweater or blouse with a brown plaid skirt.


• Wear blue accessories—hat, bag, shoes, and belt—darker than the blue of your costume, and wear white gloves.
• Wear a pink or red hat and gloves.
• Wear a print blouse with a blue suit or a print dress with a blue coat. The print fabric may contain blue, green, gray, and yellow in its design.
• Wear a white hat, or a blue-and-white one, and white gloves.
• Wear some tones of brown in hat, shoes, gloves, and bag.
• With a dark-blue skirt wear a red-and blue plaid jacket, and add blouses and sweaters in red, white, light blue or green. Wear dark-blue shoes and a blue leather bag.

1960s Blue Dress


• Wear darker-brown accessories.
• Wear gold belt, shoes, and small bag for dressy occasions.
• Wear black or white accessories with bright accent in an ornament or flower.


• With a gray dress, wear a green hat, scarf, or belt. In this case, do not pick a green bag, gloves and shoes also, but instead, choose a black bag and shoes, with shortie white or black gloves.
• Wear black accessories, but add a bit of color by wearing a red hat or belt and a red-accented ornament.
• Wear a print blouse with a combination of rose, green, and black in the design.
• Wear a print, striped, or checkered dress in those colors—that is, rose green, and black—with a gray coat.


• Wear white accessories with black or black accessories with white.
• Wear brightly contrasting accessories, usually choosing white gloves.

Vintage Black & White Fashion

*Mostly, anyway. I don’t know how many of us wear hats and shortie gloves, though I kinda wish I did.