New Old Specs

August 28, 2013


Here’s me in my new-to-me vintage eyeglass frames. This is the first time I haven’t had cat-eye specs in almost 10 years. The rectangle frames match my bobbed hair so much better, though.

As always, my frames came from Hollywood Vintage here in Portland.

More Jazz Age Swimwear

August 21, 2013




Advertising cutout of Jantzen Knitting Mills' Red Diving Girl.

[photo sources: 123  • 4]

Summer is beginning to wind down, so I want to post these last little pieces of eye candy before the weather slips into being cool and crisp, and we’re all wrapped up in wool.

These two suits and the water shoes* are so incredible, and I would love to have something similar to wear to the beach.

I also included the Jantzen logo from the 1920s, because it’s pretty fantastic as well. I live right by all the old Jantzen buildings, and one of them even has ornamental friezes of their iconic lady swimmers.

Jantzen will always have a special place in my heart for making the only swimsuit I’ve owned as an adult—a full-coverage jet black suit I lovingly refer to as my Wednesday Addams swimsuit.

* Oh, how I wish I could have gone to this show at the Bata Shoe Museum!

Badass Vintage Style: 1940s Rodeo Gal

August 20, 2013
89bdcf8cf48f8ea82326a17d1994a0fc[photo source]

I love this sassy lady’s cowgirl style—especially that adorably kick-ass neckerchief!

Hey Shorty

August 16, 2013




[Photo Sources: 1  • 23]

I’m a skirt and dress kind of gal. Overall, this is true, but it is especially so during the warmer months. I’m not sure what happened this year, but I’ve been really digging cute shorts paired with lace tights. I’m also really loving rompers for the first time ever, too. I never thought I would feel sexy or badass in shorts*, but I’m glad to be proven wrong.

Have you had any fun fashion discoveries lately?

* I grew up during a time where I witnessed and possibly participated** in a ton of really hideous jean shorts action.
** This participation may have scarred my ego.

Style Crush: 1920s Halloween Dress

August 12, 2013



1920sDress2[Photo Source]

This vintage 1920s Halloween dress makes my head spin with delight. The shape, the colors, the design, the owls. It’s all very dreamy and incredible. It’s making my head swirl with images of vintage-inspired Halloween wear that will hopefully come to fruition this fall.

These photos are of the gorgeous Rhiannon Macbeth of Garb-Oh Vintage, who also happens to be a fellow Portlander. They are part of her Vintage Self set on Flickr, which showcases her amazing vintage style. Also, her vintage Etsy shop is dreamy, so be sure to check it out.

Contemporary Teddy Girls

July 31, 2013



I’m loving these photos of contemporary Teddy Girls that appeared in Next about three years ago. I wish I could take a look all the images from this badass photoshoot! [VIA]

Hair Style Crush: The Bob

July 26, 2013



3[Image Source]

Well, it’s the middle of summer, which means it’s time for me to daydream about shorter hair again. I stumbled across these lovely photos the other day, and although I’m a little scared (I’ve had really long hair for years), I think I might just go for it! I really love the length and style of the bob on this gorgeous lass.


Summer Swimwear Inspiration: 1920s

July 24, 2013






[photo sources: 12345]

Introducing Bijou Ties + A Giveaway

July 16, 2013

Bijou Ties by Flapper Girl

I’m pleased as punch to announce that my line of ladies pin-on bow ties—or Bijou Ties, as I’m lovingly calling them—are now available in the Flapper Girl Shop. Each Bijou Tie has a standard bar pin secured to its back, which allows you to pin your bow anywhere you’d like to any garment you choose. They are adorable on collared shirts and dresses (as pictured above) but also look great as a lovely bow brooch that can be worn on dresses, cardigans, jackets, sweaters, etc.

I’ve also whipped up a special limited edition batch of Bijou Ties that I’m giving away. Three lucky winners will each receive one of these ties. I wanted it to be a fun surprise for whoever wins, so the design will remain a mystery—but I’ll give you a hint that the design is very retro and the colorway features a lovely robin’s egg blue. If you you’d like a chance to win please enter the giveaway on Rafflecopter.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support! You guys are the best ♥

The Old Crowd: Badass Babes

July 15, 2013


This great image is part of a rad fashion photo collection called The Old Crowd that is featured in the latest issue of Rookie Mag. Check it out for your Monday morning dose of fashion inspiration. Found via Calivintage.