It’s Been One of Those Weeks…

February 7, 2013
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The Secret Cereomony’s First Show

February 4, 2013

The Secret Ceremony

The Secret Ceremony

The Secret Ceremony

My band, The Secret Ceremony, played our first show on Saturday night! Here are a few shots from the gig. It was fun being on stage again—my first time in six years! I was truly touched by how many friends showed up. It was awesome and so great to see everyone.

Also, the design-nerd in me is totally proud of that logo on my kick drum. All three of us had matching necklaces too. It’s a pretty neat feeling to have a piece of jewelry with something I designed on it:


Old-School Veronica Lodge Rocks A Lady Tie

February 1, 2013


I was browsing through Archie’s Sunday Finest a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this awesome illustration of Veronica in a black Lady Tie! It totally made my day. I also discovered that my style is basically a complete imitation of late-40s-early-50s Ronnie Lodge. I will post more illustrations of her awesome outfits from Sunday’s Finest soon. They are pretty incredible.

I also recently stumbled upon this slightly newer (but still old-school) Archie panel featuring a more goth Veronica, and again, it reminded me a lot of my own style (further evidence of my unbeknownst Ronnie style theft). Notice Archie and Jughead being total tools per usual.


♥ Veronica Forever ♥


Vroom! Vroom!

January 30, 2013





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Bad Ass Style Inspiration: Suspenders

January 25, 2013

I’ve always wanted to pull off suspenders, but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I think this may stem from the fact that I really don’t like wearing pants. Even though I wear dark denim jeans now and then, I really feel more comfortable—more like myself—in a skirt or a dress (and big black boots). I can’t help but be a little jealous of how awesome and badass these ladies look in their trousers & suspenders:




Maybe what I need is a pinafore like this one:


To be continued …

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Bad-Ass Style Inspriation: Tuxedo Love

January 21, 2013







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Time Machine Lust: Café de L’Enfer

January 16, 2013







4[Photos from Here]

Le Café de L’Enfer was a Hell-themed café in Paris’ red light district, created in the late 19th century and operating up until sometime around the middle of the 20th.

A hot spot called Hell’s Café lured 19th-century Parisians to the city’s Montmartre neighborhood—like the Marais—on the Right Bank of the Seine. With plaster lost souls writhing on its walls and a bug-eyed devil’s head for a front door, le Café de l’Enfer may have been one of the world’s first theme restaurants. According to one 1899 visitor, the café’s doorman—in a Satan suit—welcomed diners with the greeting, “Enter and be damned!” Hell’s waiters also dressed as devils. An order for three black coffees spiked with cognac was shrieked back to the kitchen as: “Three seething bumpers of molten sins, with a dash of brimstone intensifier!” —National Geographic

Incredible! I am amazed and delighted at all the thought and attention to detail that went into this marvelous &  meticulously designed experience. It’s apparent that somebody had a vision—and went all out to make something unique and totally bad-ass!

Carol Kaye: First Lady of Bass

January 9, 2013
carol kaye
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Carol Kaye is a musician and overall bad ass, best known as one of the most prolific and widely heard bass guitarists in history. Part of the Wrecking Crew in the 1960s, she has made over 10,000 recordings and is the most recorded bassist of all time. Be sure to peep this amazing video of her talking about her career. So inspiring.

Vintage Girl Crush: Lillian LaFrance

January 4, 2013

Lillian LaFrance

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Lillian LaFrance was a racecar and motorcycle stunt rider in the 1920s and 30s. Look at that swoon-worthy bad-ass style!

Read more about her (and see more photos) here. Also, be sure to peep this awesome photo of her in action, riding inside the Wall of Death.

Crank It Up

January 2, 2013

The Secret Ceremony

In January 2003 I joined The Jolenes, which means this month marks 10 years of playing music with my friend Katy. Even though there was a short break there in the middle*, we always knew we’d play music together again.

Last February we formed The Secret Ceremony with our lovely and talented friend Susan. We have been having a lot of fun making dark, witchy rock-n-roll together, and we have our first show on Saturday, February 2.

Over the past few months I also started playing music with my husband Chas. I’ve never been in two bands at the same time before, and I like it a lot. It’s interesting to see how I take what I learn from each project and apply it to the other one, even though the two bands are so different from one another.

Also, I’ve always wanted to learn how to sing, and 2013 is the year it’s gonna happen. Chas & I are taking voice lessons together—our first one is on January 13. We are both really pumped!

One final note on this topic… I love that music and fashion go hand-in-hand and have always influenced each other. It can’t be denied that there’s a certain flavor of bad-assery that goes into playing music. I’m excited to explore all of this on the blog in the coming year as well.

*The Jolenes played our last show in 2007 (sans our original bassist—but including two honorary members). It was a short three-song cover set that was a part of a huge show that was tribute to the year 1984. If you’re interested, you can watch our set here. We covered Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper, We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister, and Private Dancer by Tina Turner.