More Jazz Age Swimwear




Advertising cutout of Jantzen Knitting Mills' Red Diving Girl.

[photo sources: 123  • 4]

Summer is beginning to wind down, so I want to post these last little pieces of eye candy before the weather slips into being cool and crisp, and we’re all wrapped up in wool.

These two suits and the water shoes* are so incredible, and I would love to have something similar to wear to the beach.

I also included the Jantzen logo from the 1920s, because it’s pretty fantastic as well. I live right by all the old Jantzen buildings, and one of them even has ornamental friezes of their iconic lady swimmers.

Jantzen will always have a special place in my heart for making the only swimsuit I’ve owned as an adult—a full-coverage jet black suit I lovingly refer to as my Wednesday Addams swimsuit.

* Oh, how I wish I could have gone to this show at the Bata Shoe Museum!

One Response to More Jazz Age Swimwear

  1. Those swimming shoes are beautiful, so much nicer than today’s flip flops!

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