Style Crush: 1920s Halloween Dress



1920sDress2[Photo Source]

This vintage 1920s Halloween dress makes my head spin with delight. The shape, the colors, the design, the owls. It’s all very dreamy and incredible. It’s making my head swirl with images of vintage-inspired Halloween wear that will hopefully come to fruition this fall.

These photos are of the gorgeous Rhiannon Macbeth of Garb-Oh Vintage, who also happens to be a fellow Portlander. They are part of her Vintage Self set on Flickr, which showcases her amazing vintage style. Also, her vintage Etsy shop is dreamy, so be sure to check it out.

4 Responses to Style Crush: 1920s Halloween Dress

  1. Gaby says:

    Too adorable!!! I’m so in love. Fall is my favorite season and just looking at these photos makes me feel a pleasant chill in the air ;)

  2. where can i buy this dress!!!??

  3. I adore that dress! Like Gaby – Fall is also my favorite season.

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