Hair Style Crush: The Bob



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Well, it’s the middle of summer, which means it’s time for me to daydream about shorter hair again. I stumbled across these lovely photos the other day, and although I’m a little scared (I’ve had really long hair for years), I think I might just go for it! I really love the length and style of the bob on this gorgeous lass.



7 Responses to Hair Style Crush: The Bob

  1. Yes!! Just like I said last time, it would look gorgeous on you!! :)

  2. blacksabbatha says:

    Do it! Bobs are easier to pull off than I thought – even with my chipmunk cheeks, I loved my bob. Also, your head will feel lighter. :0)

  3. I wish I could pull that off. Last week I decided to cut most of my hair off. I am a long hair gal. Always have been, except for some bursts of rebellion. I am always careful not to cut too much and watch with a close eye as the scissors touch my hair. But this time I went in with a picture of a short cut and sai d” just do it!”

  4. Emma Cherry says:

    This hairstyle is lovely, I can see why you’d want it. Her jumper is divine too :)

    Looking forward to following your blog

    (Dear Thirty)

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