Outfit Post: Spider Blossoms




Last month I took some of my birthday money and bought the Laurel pattern by Colette Patterns. It had been way too long since I made something for myself, and I wanted to do something different with this project—I wanted to take it slowly.

Over the past few years, while I was in school studying graphic design, I only had small pockets of time between quarters to work on personal projects. I’d also spend part of that precious free time catching up on other important life things, so I would usually only have a day to complete an entire project, which would leave me feeling burnt out by the end. Now that my schedule is different, I realized that I could take the time to make something just one step at a time—and that’s exactly what I did.

This was a wonderful experience for two reasons. First, I didn’t experience burnout. By setting up smaller goals, and completing one or two steps at a time, I could really focus—and I actually felt accomplished after completing each small step. Second, by taking my time, I could really grasp the new techniques I was learning at a much deeper level. So by the end of this project, I felt accomplished and slightly smarter. Whoo hoo!


• A lovely dark teal corduroy that I picked up years ago during my first and only trip ever to Fabric World with my pal Jess*.

• The Victorian/60s Psychedelic/Witchy-Goth cotton is Spider Blossom in the Vapor colorway. It is part of the wonderful Night Shade collection by Tula Pink. I bought a few yards of this last year, mostly to make curtains for my band’s practice space. I loved it so much, I knew I wanted to make something for myself with the remaining chunk leftover after the curtains were completed. I am so happy I got to use it for this dress!

* I miss you, Jess! xoxo

2 Responses to Outfit Post: Spider Blossoms

  1. It looks great!
    Burnout is the worst, I usually get it when I have to undo a seam : /

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