Outfit Post: Meow Mix



Shirt: Ross
Lady Tie: Flapper Girl (That’s Me)
Skirt: Target (2003)

SHIRT: I found this amazing cat print collared shirt at Ross of all places. I rarely go to Ross, but my daughter and I stopped in on a whim a few weeks ago because we were in the middle of an unexpected heat wave, and she needed some shorts. We found her some suitable shorts—and we each got one of these cat shirts, too. I asked her if she thought it was dorky that we were getting matching shirts and she said, “Nope.” ♥

I made some small adjustments to this shirt to get a better fit—the original cut was a little too boxy for my body type. So I took out my trusty sewing machine & brought in the sides to give it a better shape. Adding a belt finishes the job.

SKIRT: This is my favorite black A-line skirt. I bought it ages ago on clearance at Target, and it has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since.

2 Responses to Outfit Post: Meow Mix

  1. <3 that she doesn't mind matching her Momma!
    Every once in a while Ross can surprise you, that shirt is so cute, and a plain black A-line skirt is such a must have that I need to get back into my closet :)

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Nattie is wearing her cat shirt today with a black Lady Tie! It’s incredibly adorable :)

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