Badass Lady Crush: Neko Case




Neko Case is such a badass. I’ve been obsessed with her music lately, much in the same way I was obsessed with Tom Petty around this time last year. These songs, especially, have been on heavy rotation: Hold On Hold On, People Got a Lotta Nerve, This Tornado Loves You, I’m an Animal, Red Tide.

On a music-related note, I discovered Spotify a few months ago and it has been so much fun creating playlists and looking up old, obscure songs from my youth. My only two gripes about it are: 1. I hate that I can’t find members that I’m not friends with on Facebook (some of my friends don’t have Facebook accounts), and 2. It sucks that there is no way to share playlists except through Facebook. I would love it if I could share playlists on the blog.

5 Responses to Badass Lady Crush: Neko Case

  1. You are going to be jealous. I owned a 67 Mercury Cougar. I loved that car. I sold it to a girl who was 10 years younger than me and she kept it a long time. Mine was copper color with a black top and had the cool tail lights that blinked across. I was hot stuff especially in that car. Power baby!

  2. I haven’t tried it yet, but supposedly 8tracks is better…AND you can share your playlists on the blog :) (now I gotta check it out for myself as well!)

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