Wardrobe Wishlist

Wish I Wore

We had an amazingly gorgeous, warm and sunny weekend. This is a total treat this time of year ’round these parts. I was excited to wear my new black Saltwater Sandals, but I wish I could have worn them with this whole ensemble.

1. Spike Earrings • 2. Cute H&M Top •
3. Miss Selfridge Shorts • 4. Saltwater Sandals

My happy feet in my new Salties:

Black Saltwater Sandals

2 Responses to Wardrobe Wishlist

  1. typical90schild says:

    That whole outfit would be so cute on you!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Putting together these outfit posts is fun. It kind of reminds me of playing with paper dolls as a kid :)

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