Happy Weekend

whatever[photo source]

Here’s a quick little dose of bad-ass goodness to kick your weekend off on the right note.

* * *

I am particularly excited because I have a long, four-day weekend ahead of me. Excessive coffee drinking, reading, adventure-having, snuggling and sewing* are all on my to-do list.

It’s been a really long fucking winter, and I am looking forward to shaking off the proverbial cobwebs so I can start feeling excited about the sunshine and warmer temperatures that are awaiting just a little bit down the road.

* Did you see the new lady bow tie prototype I posted on Facebook the other day? I’m refining this new design and making a batch for thee ol’ Flapper Girl Etsy Shoppe.

2 Responses to Happy Weekend

  1. Yay for long weekends!!!
    Hope you ‘re able to enjoy it and feel like you actually had a break :)
    soooo excited about the new ties, you have no idea!

  2. You are in Portland? How lovely! I was just there at Voodoo Doughnuts (which my last post is about) and it was amazing! Oh, and I absolutely adore your ties :)

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