Old-School Veronica Lodge Rocks A Lady Tie


I was browsing through Archie’s Sunday Finest a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this awesome illustration of Veronica in a black Lady Tie! It totally made my day. I also discovered that my style is basically a complete imitation of late-40s-early-50s Ronnie Lodge. I will post more illustrations of her awesome outfits from Sunday’s Finest soon. They are pretty incredible.

I also recently stumbled upon this slightly newer (but still old-school) Archie panel featuring a more goth Veronica, and again, it reminded me a lot of my own style (further evidence of my unbeknownst Ronnie style theft). Notice Archie and Jughead being total tools per usual.


♥ Veronica Forever ♥



5 Responses to Old-School Veronica Lodge Rocks A Lady Tie

  1. lisa says:

    This is awesome! I used to be OBSESSED with getting these comics at the grocery store :) I wish I was closer to my collection buried in my mom’s garage!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      My husband used to get Archie comics for being well-behaved at the grocery store as a kid :)

      He said he always had a crush on Veronica ;)

  2. Just as gorgeous as you as well! And I would totally rock everything she’s wearing here :)

  3. GreaserGirlieVintageQueen says:

    I LOVE Veronica too! Especially the vintage ones like you posted, even though I adored her more in the really early Dan DeCarlo art. When I’m not dressing in Rockabilly-girl mode, I strive to look like Ronnie. I’m glad someone else feels the same way.

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