Drum Fever


I have been in love with vintage drums since I was a teenager. My first kit—the kit I learned how to play on—was a cobbled together set that I slowly pieced together one drum and cymbal at a time over the course of about a year. The heart and soul of that kit, though, was a vintage oyster shell Slingerland 26″ Radio King bass drum. My best friend Tasia and I dreamed constantly about finding the matching kit to that thing. We were really obsessed, and that obsession lead to other vintage discoveries—Rogers, Gretsch, Ludwig and Pearl.


Here in Portland we have a really incredible vintage drum shop called Revival that is filled with so many swoon-worthy kits. This is the store that Tasia and I dreamed about as teenagers. It’s the closest thing to getting into a time machine and going to the shop pictured above. It was at Revival that I found my new kit—this bad boy from the 1960s:


that has these amazing red oyster pearl wraps:


Yep! That’s right—I’m the proud new owner of a gorgeous vintage drum set. I think I’m in love!

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2 Responses to Drum Fever

  1. typical90schild says:

    Yay, you got it!!!

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