Warm Autumn Hearts

Vintage Forest

Today was such a gorgeous day—sunny and decently warm (for this time of year). I was feeling very spoiled. Here in Portland we rarely have these kinds of days past the beginning of September.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! I am definitely feeling thankful for everything that has happened for Flapper Girl this year. Seriously, my mind is blown and my heart is full of joy and gratitude. I’ve sold over 300 Lady Ties so far this year! You guys are incredible, and I hope you know I appreciate all your love and support so much.

I also can’t believe how this year will be over so soon. It’s been such a busy one. I was thinking the other day how my schedule has been so jam-packed since February. I decided that 2013 is going to be all about taking back The Weekend™, which basically just means I need to take time to enjoy life & my little family, and make sure that I have time to work on things that make me happy—like expanding the Flapper Girl line and playing music (more on that soon).

So I know it’s a bit early, but I want to wish you all a lovely holiday next week filled with all of your favorite people and things. I have a big post-Thanksgiving sale planned for the Etsy shop. Until then, I’m going to be a busy bee working on a huge new batch of Lady Ties! ♥


2 Responses to Warm Autumn Hearts

  1. Congrats on all those sales! You deserve it!
    Wishing you all the same <3 hopefully your shedule has found a bit of a ballance, I'm so excited to see the new ladyties (and hear the music!)


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