A Hair Accessory Experiment

[photo template by PuglyPixel]

This week I’ve been playing with hair accessories. What you see above is what I’ve been creating. I had been itching to make hair decorations that were contemporary twists of the lovely accessories you see in this illustration from the 1920s (which I’ve had as my desktop wallpaper for awhile):

It was a fun experiment—and definitely one that I needed to get out of my system. As I said last week, playing with creativity is important to me, but sometimes projects just don’t work out the way we hope. This was one of those projects. I think these all turned out okay—and that mint green one is really gorgeous in person even though I think it looks a little weird on my head—but overall these pieces don’t wow me, and I’m not sure why.

Maybe hair accessories just aren’t my thing. The plaid one is my favorite of the bunch, and that kind of cracks me up since it is the simplest. I will definitely keep that one for myself to wear with some messy updos this summer.


11 Responses to A Hair Accessory Experiment

  1. deerdonna says:

    i love love love the red and white one! they are all beautiful and i would wear every one of them!!!!

  2. flappergirlcreations says:

    Thank you, Donna <3

    Perhaps one of these will make its way to you ;)

  3. Mary Rebecca says:

    That bottom right one is suuuuper cute! They really all are–I think you did great with your experimentation :D

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaah! you have been busy since Knittn’ Kitten saw you on tuesday. I think you should keep the plaid one too. Try putting them on a plain background. Use a glue dot or some kind of putty to stand them on their own. Or on a wall and press on side to it. Or string and hang from something that will not show. I like them very much and I like the 3 bands very much. Lets see a close up of the green one that looks pale aqua to me. LoL Ethel

  5. These are super cute. I made a great little flapper outfit with this gold glitter glam headband I got from kitsch hair ties at http://www.mykitsch.com/headbands/

  6. Sway says:

    They turned out cute as, Crazy Lady!! I’m nutty about the tartan one too! xx

  7. jennyholiday says:

    Love Love them!! :)

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