New in the Shop

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I have two new Lady Tie styles available in the Flapper Girl Etsy Shop. The Galaxy tie, which I previewed earlier in the week, and a lovely black and pink floral print that has a very pretty pink snap closure. Oooh la la!

* * *

In other news, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous all week. It’s been so sunny and warm, and after surviving two years with no spring* I think everyone in Portland is drunk on the extra vitamin D. Here I am rocking my sunglasses in front of some flowering rhododendrons. Hell yeah!

*Seriously! The spring seasons of 2010 and 2011 were so cold, gray, and wet. We had two very long winters in a row, and I’m so relieved and ecstatic that this spring has been more like the Portland spring seasons I adore: sunny, warm, and breezy, with gorgeous  flowering plants everywhere.

6 Responses to New in the Shop

  1. Sway says:

    Ohhh loving both of the new designs! I love that pic of you – You’re too pretty! xxxxxx

  2. two birds says:

    loving the new designs! and i am also loving the flowers in your picture! yay for you that you get spring!!

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