Sneak Peek: Galaxy Lady Tie

[photo template by Pugly Pixel]

I gave the new Galaxy Lady Tie a test run today! I wore it with a simple black collared dress, thin black belt, dark blue knee socks, and black mary janes. It was a great outfit for today’s lovely, warm spring weather. The knee socks were a good choice—it felt so nice to feel the breeze on my legs!

The Galaxy Lady Tie will be available in the Flapper Girl Etsy Shop this upcoming Sunday, along with another new design I’m really excited about that features an incredibly cute vintage black and pink floral print.

Lots of cool stuff is going on behind the scenes here at Flapper Girl Headquarters. I will be back with a real update very soon!


10 Responses to Sneak Peek: Galaxy Lady Tie

  1. deerdonna says:

    gahhh i love the galaxy tie!!! <33333

  2. kim says:

    looks great. nice work.

  3. Sway says:

    Woohoo!! Galaxy Ties A Go-Go!! I can’t wait to see the shop update. It’s great to hear theres exciting things happening for you, Christine! You deserve them :)
    Shann xxx
    Ps. Did you see Kaylah at Dainty Squid wearing your mushroom tie the other day? xx

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