A Few Recent Vintage Treasures

This lovely 1920s (or possibly early-to-mid 1930s) design specimen lived at a little shop called Porch Light for a long time. I had a crush on it for close to a year. When Porch Light decided to combine their two locations and have a big moving sale, I was able to finally snatch it up at a discount before someone else beat me to the punch. The package is in incredible condition, employs one of my favorite design eras and color palettes, and has so much drool-worthy type.

Plus, it still has the original, unused bar of soap inside. In case you are curious, the soap kind of smells like band-aids.

* * *

Over Spring Break Chas and I took a little day trip to Kalama, which is a big antiques destination spot on the I-5. Maybe the hype was too big in my mind—I’d been jonesin’ an antiques day trip to Kalama for over a decade—but I really wasn’t impressed. Most of the antique stores had a lot of  junk*, and everything seemed way overpriced. However, amongst the sea of DQ Blazers tumblers from the early 90s and unfriendly price tags, we were able to find a few treasures that hit the sweet spot of awesome and affordable.

These old first aid mini-kits are so rad. Look at those amazing graphics! Both sets are complete with their contents untouched. The arm sling is still sealed inside with an aged paper wrapper, and the Eye Dressing Packet includes three packages of cotton gauze pads, three packages of adhesive strips, and three tiny tubes of boric acid. Everything smells very old and medicinal. I love it!

* * *

Lastly, we couldn’t resist getting this silly practical joke to add to our collection of vintage gags and novelties.

* The one exception was Drew & Davis Antiques, which was almost like a museum. I couldn’t afford anything in there, but they had some really neat stuff like a huge collection of medieval weapons. The owner was really friendly and knowledgeable too.

2 Responses to A Few Recent Vintage Treasures

  1. blacksabbatha says:

    you beat me out there! I’ve been meaning to go for ages. B and I still plan on taking a weekend trip out there, but I’m glad to now know what to expect!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      It’s still a fun day trip, especially if the weather is nice :) Just go with lowered expectations, and then when you find a few treasures you will be stoked. Also, I think you will really dig the medieval weapon collection at Drew & Davis antiques!

      Chehalis actually has a few little neat antique stores in their old downtown area. Chas and I stopped once on our way to Seattle, but we couldn’t stay long since we were trying to get to Seattle before a museum closed. I would love to go back to the Chehalis antique stores at some point this summer.

      I would also love to know where the other good secret places to stop along the I-5 are!

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