Flapper Style: Swimwear

Jazz Age Bathing Beauties[Photo Template by PuglyPixel | Photos via Pinterest]

I’ve been stumbling across a lot of awesome beach photos from the 1920s on Pinterest lately, and adding them to my Flapper Style pinboard. I’ve always loved  jazz-age swimwear, but for some reason I’m finding it even more inspiring lately. Perhaps I’m just looking forward to summertime.

I really wish manufacturers would start remaking swimsuits in this vintage shipwrecked sailor type of style. Check out this lovely number is by Saks & Co. from 1928. I would love to wear that to the beach!

[Photo Template by PuglyPixel | Photos via Fuzzylizzie]

I also have to share this photo from the book Historic Photos of Oregon. The caption reads, “Young women pose in the swimsuits of yesteryear on a rocky Oregon beach.”

[Photo Template by PuglyPixel | Photos via Historic Photos of Oregon]

6 Responses to Flapper Style: Swimwear

  1. All I want to know is: where do I get the 1900-1910 style one piece mens’ suit?

  2. Sway says:

    That posing photo is to die for!!
    I’d love to rock that Saks & Co swimsuit – we have just had summer here, and it was the coldest one ever! Our summers are usually an average of 36C, but this year we didn’t even get over 28C!
    I’m hanging for next Summer now :)
    Sway xxx

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Summer is pretty mild here in Portland—probably close to what you experienced this year. We might get around 10 days total of 36C weather, but it’s usually sprinkled throughout the summer—a day here, a day there. We just have so much rain for most of the year, that we are all dying for sunshine by the time July rolls around ;)

      • Sway says:

        I’ll swap you! I adore rainy days! We get a fair few rainy days in Spring and Autumn/Fall, but our Summer is a total scorcher. I’m in Canberra, which is pretty high above sea level, in the mountains, so our heat is super dry too – blech!

  3. Um, cutest shop ever? Yes! And I so want an oldschool swimsuit!!

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