The (Black) Cat Made Me Buy It

This weekend I picked up three awesome books that are all about cats in vintage advertisements and graphic design. There is so much eye candy and little bits of history in each book—totally fascinating stuff! My favorite pieces all happened to feature black cats* and I decided to include a small sampling of these gems in a highlights reel. Enjoy!

Snappy Vintage ButtonsSnappy Snaps: WWI era.

* * *

Vintage Cafe Pocket Mirror

Kolf’s Cafe & Restaurant: A small celluloid pocket mirror promotional giveaway from the Louisiana Purchase Exposition held in St. Louis, 1904. The book also states, “At the time, it was popular for restaurants to advertise separate dining rooms for men and women (‘Ladies and Gents’).”

* * *

Vintage Black Cat Stove Polish

Black Cat stove polish: The bottle with the cork stopper is from before 1896. The book notes that when the company moved to NJ they implemented a “new” twist-off cap, and decreased the capacity of the bottle from seven ounces to six.

* * *

Vintage Ink Tin

Thomas’ Ink: Lithographed tin package, late 1800s. The tin contained a small corked bottle of ink and a marking pad, and when the contents were taken out, the tin itself could be used as an inkwell.

* * *

Kit Kat Cabaret Menu

Kit Kat Cabaret: Menu & Wine List of a Cabaret located in Quebec, 1930s. Lovely Art Deco design. Elide, this one made me think of you.

* * *

Two Toms Vintage Cigar Label

Two Toms Cigars: Gold-tone embossed label, late 1800s.

* * *

Vintage Mr. Thomas Cigar Label

Mr. Thomas Cigars: Lovely individual cigar belly band, late 1800s.

* * *

Vintage Maggi Soups Black Cat Advertisement

Maggi Soups: Lovely die-cut stand-up advertisement for powdered soups.

* * *

Victorian Black Cat Advertisement

Dunham, Buckley & Co: A stunning cut-out Victorian-era advertisement that was mailed to customers in the accompanying envelope pictured above. What is this magnificently sinister cat advertising? Drap moscovietta—a corded dress fabric popular in Victorian times.

* * *

Vintage Stockings Label

Black Cat Hosiery Company: A children’s story book promotional giveaway from the 1899 Christmas season.

* * *

* Black cats are no doubt close to my heart. They are my favorite type of cat (I grew up with a super sweet one) and I also hold a special place in my heart for this design project I did last year.

16 Responses to The (Black) Cat Made Me Buy It

  1. Mom says:

    My favorite is for the Maggi soup. But they are all ADORABLE!! :)

  2. Elide says:

    The art deco one is amazing! I also like the moscovietta ad, the cat face is so creepy.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      The books are pretty awesome. If you dig this post, you would probably love the books. I got used copies for dirt cheap!

  3. That’s sort of a hysterical premise for a book. In a good way.

  4. Ethel Stark says:

    Oh! there you are. I was wondering what you were up too. Very cute black kitties. Love the buttons. Our stash is at Rome’s so I do not know if we happen to have that brand saved for our future museum. I want.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Yeah, I have been crazy-busy :) I would love to see all the cool old sewing packaging you and Rome have! I bet you ladies have so much cool stuff!

  5. Sway says:

    Those are fantasic! Especially the slightly evil looking strolling kitties holding stocking (wow – long description haha)!
    I grew up with a beautiful black kitty too – she was a sweetie to Mum and I, but kinda psycho with everyone else….
    Sway xx

  6. John L says:

    I never know black cats were so collectable. Just one of those thing I guess you just don’t think about. Very cool though.

  7. Miki says:

    Awe, all these are just as adorable as your collars :).

  8. kitkatcabaret is my etsy shop name and I studied burlesque in theater class in college, so I could illustrate burlesque fashions these Kitty kat ads are beautiful

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