Currently Digging: Autumn Edition


Yesterday morning my instinct to hibernate for winter officially kicked in. Dark, rainy, cold… can I please just stay in my nest ’til May, please?

Here are a few things I’ve been digging about autumn, though:

• We bought a cinnamon broom to make our apartment smell festive. I must say it is quite divine. I’m pretty sure it’s the ruling factor that’s been making me want to bake cookies and make Xmas ornaments.

• Making hearty meals in the crockpot. I bought Slowcooker Revolution last month because Chas and I love the America’s Test Kitchen series of cookbooks. This fall and winter I want to try as many of the recipes from this book as I can. So far I’ve made Chipotle Turkey Taco Filling and Italian Meatball Soup. So far, so good.

• Drinking hearty, spicy turmeric tea. Turmeric is one of those wonder herbs that is good for you in a myriad of ways. I use this recipe and add a quarter teaspoon of ground black pepper to the mixture because it helps your body absorb the goodness of the turmeric. NOTE: I would classify this “tea” more as a broth than a traditional type of tea. I recently tried to make homemade turmeric tea bags using this tutorial, and it was huge, messy failure. At least I have about a dozen pre-measured spice packets I can cut open and toss into a pot of boiling water now, right? Right.

What little things have you been enjoying lately?


4 Responses to Currently Digging: Autumn Edition

  1. deer donna says:

    hey gorgeous lady, i am digging your glasses! what brand are they? dont tell me they are vintage, or i will cry.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I don’t want to make you cry, but they are vintage. We have a store in Portland called Hollywood Vintage where they specialize in vintage glasses—and they are all really reasonably priced! So that’s where I got these back in 2008. The plastic is starting to disintegrate, though, so I’m needing some new ones soon, and I am sad that I won’t be able to get these exact ones again.

  2. Katie says:

    Oh, I LOVE cinnamon brooms! My former roommate was gifted one a few holiday seasons ago, and they are just the perfect way to get in the holiday mood!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I know! I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to try them. I wish I would have discovered these a long time ago.

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