Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

Autumn is definitely in the air here in Portland, and I’m seeing more Halloween eye candy out in blogland these days. As you know, I really love Halloween, and this year I’m kicking off fall with a fun little Halloween meme. I’d love to read your answers too, so let me know if you post it to your blog!

Did you trick or treat when you were a kid? 

Yes, I went trick-or-treating when I was kid, and I loved it. I think the first time I ever noticed the smell of someone burning a wax log in their fireplace was when I was trick-or-treating on Halloween, because I always associate that smell with the holiday. That scent still conjures excited feelings, the essence of magical autumn night air, and images of my childhood suburban neighborhood for me.

What was your favorite costume as a kid?

The last year my best friend and I went trick-or-treating—I think we were 12—we dressed up as an old couple and told everyone we were retiring. That was pretty hilarious.

What is your favorite adult costume?

As an adult, I’ve dressed up as a pirate, Princess Peach, a flapper, a mad scientist, and a viking. By far, my viking costume was the best.

Lamest costume you have worn on Halloween?

Dressing up for Halloween is never lame!

What was your favorite Halloween treat as a kid?

I loved fun size Baby Ruths the best. Oh! And Butterfingers.

What is the most disappointing “treat” to receive in your bag on Halloween night?


Does anything scare you about Halloween?

Nothing really truly scares me about Halloween, you know? Having that faux-scared feeling is part of what makes the holiday fun.

Are you superstitious about black cats?

No way—I adore black cats! They are my favorite type of cats, actually. I grew up with the sweetest black cat named Critter. My family adopted her a few years before I was born, and she lived until I was 16.

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

I hang up some of my garlands, and I have a display of vintage Halloween goodies that I keep up year-round.

Have you ever had nightmares about a scary movie character chasing you?

When I was five my favorite cartoon was Masters of the Universe, and around that time I had a nightmare in which Skeletor was chasing me throughout my house in the early morning while everyone was sleeping. It was one of those freaky dreams where you can’t run very fast and the ground is really slippery.


2 Responses to Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

  1. deerdonna says:

    ooooh i might do this tonight…. even though we dont celebrate halloween in australia, i have made a point of doing it every year :D XOXOX

    i would love to see photos of your halloween costumes from past years!

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