1956 Union College Yearbook Photos

A few weeks ago my lovely blog pal Hannah sent me a fantastic surprise in the mail—a 1962 North Hollywood High School yearbook and a 1956 Union College yearbook. I was touched and delighted and want to say a big ol’ thank you again to Hannah. She makes really amazing folklore-inspired clothing and accessories—go check out her goodies if you haven’t already!

First up for sharing highlights is the Union College yearbook. Enjoy!

Silver Spoons

“Charles Sims, Bill Harris, and Jane Camp look over Miss Hall’s collection of silver spoons.”

How fantastic is Jane Camp’s outfit? I love the belt and popped collar action she’s got going on!

* * *

Studying Hard

“Melvin and his bible.”

* * *

Dormitory Ladies’ Club

Dormitory Ladies' Club

* * *

School Dance

1956 Union College Yearbook Photo“Receiving the corsage.”
Love those outfits and hairdos!

* * *


Vintage Magician Halloween“Sam James entertains with magic feats.”

* * *

Hanging Out

Vintage Diner College Students

* * *

Nursing Students

Vintage Nursing StudentsBack when uniforms were way more stylish!

* * *

Senior Students

The best part about this yearbook is that each senior student has a very posed and stylized photo of themselves in the senior class section. Ranging from hilarious, unnerving, and awesome, these photos are really fabulous. Here are my favorites.

Senior with Snakes and RodentsDarlene Ruth Kirchner from Iowa
Major: Education, Biology
Minor: Mathematics

* * *

Vintage NurseSylvia Spaulding McCormack from Colorado
Major: Nursing

* * *

Vintage Lady Looking at RecordsBetty Northcutt from Texas
Major: Nursing

* * *

Vintage Girl with RollerskatesMarian Syfert Page from Nebraska
Marjor: Nursing

* * *

Vintage ScientistRonald Milo Nelson from Kansas
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biology

* * *

Vintage Student with SkeletonClifton Dale Reeves from Oklahoma
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

2 Responses to 1956 Union College Yearbook Photos

  1. deerdonna says:

    oh my goodness i am in love with their glasses and uniforms! she is a sweetie, and oh, i loooove her shop. going to browse, and maybe choose some things to buy… now hehehe

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I know! So much eye candy—both in the year book and in Hannah’s shop. I really need to own some of her skirts :)

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