Vintage Halloween Photos

It’s time for another round of awesome vintage Halloween photos I’ve spotted on eBay during the past few months. Enjoy!

Sassy masked ladies! I love this one. I bid on it, but it became too expensive and I had to let it go. *sigh*
Same ladies—unmasked! One of the things I really love about this photo (and the one above) are the handmade Halloween skirts they are wearing! So cute!
So creepy. I totally dig the overall composition of this one.
Scary little skeletons!
This photo is so fantastic all around—the black kitty cat costume, the jack-o-lantern, the composition. Oh, how I pined to own this one, but alas, it slipped away and sold for $105! Holy cow!
Lovely ladies and a jolly jack! I actually snagged this one, and it is now in my collection :)
And this one isn’t really Halloween photo—although it has a black cat in it! I just really loved this photo, and picked it up on the cheap and wanted to share. I’m not sure what I’m going to use this one for yet, but isn’t this gal and her kitty an adorable duo? I just couldn’t pass it up.
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  1. I love these, thanks for sharing!

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