A Busy Summer

Oh my goodness. It has been such a busy summer. What’s been going on behind the scenes? Well, let’s see:

I’ve been working on two large design projects! One for a local fabric store, and the other for a Catholic high school that needed some fancy collateral for a fundraising event.

* * *

I’ve been working a few days a week for an awesome indie boutique that’s right down the street from my home.

* * *

Chas and I took Nattie to the Katy Perry concert on her 10th birthday. It was Nattie’s first concert and a totally magical night. We all had a blast, and thanks to some friends we got wristbands to go up front near the stage for the show, backstage passes to meet Miss Perry, and we even got to check out one of the tour buses!

* * *

I designed and launched my 2011 Halloween line! This is the summer project I look forward to most each year.

* * *

Chas and I took a romantic day trip up to Seattle to see some art, check out some used book stores, bum around Pike Place Market, drink coffee, and have a yummy Italian dinner at Machiavelli. The weather was perfect, and getting out of town was just what I needed.

* * *

 [Image Source]

I participated in I Heart Art Portland’s Mixer Match. It was so much fun! And a lot of work—I designed, printed, and assembled a bunch of catalogs that feature my garland line for the event. Holy cow!

* * *

What have you been up to this summer?

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