All Tied Up

A few months ago, I was doing a bunch of research for a term paper about Art Deco, 1920s car culture, and German Expressionist film influences on the Chrysler Building’s design. While in the thick of all that eye candy, I got sidetracked (as I usually do during research) and got sucked into looking at fashion of the ’20s—which has always been a favorite pastime. I love all the leading flapper ladies of the era, and while looking at old photos of Marlene Dietrich, I thought to myself, ‘God damn! I forgot how sexy and bad-ass Marlene Dietrich looked in her ties!’


Now, I could never pull off a bow tie, or a real neck tie for that matter, but I stumbled across an inexpensive black continental tie on eBay, and just had to give it a whirl. I finally busted it out the other day, and I gotta say, I really dig it.

I wore it with a white button-down shirt under a short-sleeved black sweater—red lipstick was a must! This look will definitely be getting more mileage in the coming autumn and winter months when it cools down a bit.

7 Responses to All Tied Up

  1. deer donna says:

    awww you look sooo cute! xoxoxox

  2. Katie says:

    Love love love! I have an orange version of that tie from my old Brownie uniform, and I think I need to go find it!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Yes! I had that tie for my Brownie uniform too! Did you have those fringed knee sock garters as well? I loved both of those accessories. I don’t know if my mom still has my Brownie uniform or not. I should ask her.

  3. Elide says:

    Love it! You should make them for your shop!
    I don’t know what happened to my Brownie tie, sock garters, or beanie, but I still have all my badges.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I never thought about making them, but I bet they are super easy! I should try making some for myself and see how they go :) Thanks for the idea! xo

      I should take a look at my GS badges the next time I go to my mom’s house. I can’t even remember what any of them are anymore.

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