Batty For You

I’m making a small, limited edition series of  black bats and black cats for Halloween—only 10 of these guys total, with various spooky color and fabric combinations. No two are alike! This little guy was my test run. I think he is pretty damn adorable, and I really love his lavender bow tie.

What do you think? 

5 Responses to Batty For You

  1. Ethel Stark says:

    Is the Knittn’ Kitten supplies anywhere on this cutie? I have purple ric rac. I have your orange ric rac under the counter and the white…… come and bring this cutie in too….for me to see. you can have your black fabric, etc. on account. On account you are my friend. Hugs Ethel

  2. BridgetKat says:

    Super cute! I’m adding your blog to my bookmarks — I plan to keep reading & hope to score some extra cash soon so I can treat myself to a product from your line!
    Keep up the good work. Btw, your look book is adorable!
    xox, B

  3. Allison says:

    Adorable, Christine!!

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