Vintage Chipmunk Lamp

Vintage Rubber Woodland Creature

I had been admiring this handsome fellow for months over at Flutter, but the $45 price tag was too rich for my blood. So you can understand my delight when I found him sitting on the $10 clearance shelf on Saturday afternoon. He still had his $45 price tag on him, so when I got up to the cash register, I said, “I found this on the $10 shelf. Was he supposed to be there?” and the nice shop girl said, “Actually, he was supposed to be in the $5 bin!” Hot damn!

I suspect he was marked down so low because his little light bulb burned out. Luckily I happened to have a brand new light bulb* that was a perfect match, and he works perfectly now. I must say, he looks very adorable perched on top of my sewing table.

I don’t know much about vintage rubber animal lamps, and I can’t seem to find any information online**. If you know anything about them, please share!

Vintage Rubber Chipmunk Lamp

* Turns out, an old sewing machine light bulb was the perfect match. Back in the day, Hi-School Pharmacy would have crazy clearance bins, and my mom picked up a bunch of sewing notions for dirt cheap when I was about eight. A few years ago she let me go through her sewing stuff, and I took all of the old clearanced notions home with me—including the light bulb! I don’t even know why I had hung onto this bulb for so long—it wasn’t even the right bulb for my machine—but I’m glad I didn’t throw it away when I cleaned out my sewing desk a few weeks ago.
** I am seriously the World’s Worst Googler™. I don’t know why, I just am.

8 Responses to Vintage Chipmunk Lamp

  1. Ethel Stark says:

    Can I adopt you? I love the lamp. It reminds me of the early 50’s when I was young. I have nothing like that in my home, but it gives me good memories.

  2. He’s adorable! I have a favorite vintage chipmunk ashtray that I picked up for a song too! Sometimes these cute guys just grab us by the heartstrings and won’t let go.

  3. Mom says:

    I LOVE it when things end up even cheaper than you thought they would be!! :)

  4. Lisa Elliott says:

    What a deal! Good job having the patience to wait it out! PS… Hi-School Pharmacy! WOOT WOOT! That brings back some memories!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I loved Hi-School Pharmacy! I really wanted to work there in high school, but they never hired me despite my constant pestering. I was bummed when Walgreens came through and wiped most of them out. I know there is still one in Clatskanie, OR! At least it was still there about a year ago when we drove through on our way to the coast. The old-skool neon sign brought back a lot of memories :)

  5. deer donna says:

    oh my goodness he is sooo cute! i love him! you are such a lucky duck. i love it when things like that happen!!

  6. Dude!!! I’m going through all of your old posts for the “For the love of blog” feature, and just came by this…so freaking jealous!!!! That thing is amazing! And for $5!!!

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