Vintage Yearbook Photos: Florida & Alabama Womens Colleges

Ok, so here is the last Florida State College For Women yearbook I have. This one is the 1932 edition. It has a bold Greek theme throughout with a red, black and white color palette.  Unfortunately, there aren’t very many awesome photos to be found in this book. The photos are generally a lot smaller than the ones in the ’30 & ’31 yearbooks, and there aren’t any nice linen papers in it either. Overall, the design seems a bit cheaper than the two yearbooks before it. Perhaps a budget cut is to blame? The Great Depression was raging on at the time, after all.

Anyway, onto a few cool tidbits.


Vintage Student BodySome of the lovely students. I’m digging the way fashion is heading at this point! There is still some flapper finger wave action going on, but the ladies are starting to experiment more with their short hairdos.

School Ballot

I have to admit, despite the overall cheaper look of this book, I love the design of the school ballot section, and how they included a casual and formal photo for each girl. Miss Clementine Newman won for Intellectuality. I love her floral dress.

Miss Nancy Lang won for beauty. You may remember that she won the sophistication title the year prior.

* * *

The other yearbook I scored a little while ago is from the Women’s College of Alabama. It’s the 1930 edition, and with a title of Bells and Pomegranates, how could I pass it up?


Vintage Yearbook BeautyJust like the 1929 University of Florida yearbook, this one had a section devoted to beauty. Miss Emily Young is quite stunning.

Vintage Yearbook BeautyFrancis Davis is quite lovely too. I also really love the backdrops used in these photos.

Vintage Year Book Filmstrip MotifAll the beautiful ladies. I totally dig this art deco film-strip motif.

School Play

Vintage School PlayDrama nerds from 1930!


3 Responses to Vintage Yearbook Photos: Florida & Alabama Womens Colleges

  1. deer donna says:

    wow these are some stunning shots. i love the ruffle dress… oh my GOD!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ah this is awesome! I’m loving looking through all these vintage things.
    Mega jealous of some of those dresses!

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