Summer Daydreams

Retro Summer[img source]

It’s a very soggy, grey 56 degrees in Portland today. I’m wearing a sweater, a hoodie, and fuzzy slippers—no joke! It’s looking like this is how it’s going to be all week, so in order to make my own sunshine, I’m going to daydream about the warmer months ahead and share my ever-growing summertime to-do list:

Bring my sewing machine in for a tune-up. It’s needed one for awhile, and since I’m going to be sewing a lot of Halloween goodies this summer, I want things running as smoothly as possible.

Make some websites for some people. You know who you are.

Flapper Girl website redesign. Time for an update!

Design & launch the 2011 Flapper Girl Halloween line. So excited! I have a lot of ideas, and I’m ready to play. Expect this line to launch by August 15.

Design a handful of new retro Etsy Shop Sets for Flapper Girl Graphics. I’ve been collecting inspiration, and I’m looking forward to designing some new styles.

Draw every day in my sketchbook. My focus is going to be on Halloween sketches, because I want to…

Design a handful of Halloween fabrics and print some yardage of each from Spoonflower. My head has been swimming with ideas. I’ve checked out a bunch of books out from the library for inspiration, and I bought this book for its CS tutorials. I can’t wait to get started!

What’s on your summer to-do list so far?


6 Responses to Summer Daydreams

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, hasn’t it been ugly here today?! My husband and I have been hiding inside ignoring it. Summer plans: Grow insane amounts of tomatoes (ya know, if it ever heats up). Finish the light cotton skirt I started months ago. Work at Art Adventures. Ride my bike a ton. U-pick peaches and berries on Sauvie Island. Go to Astoria at some point!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Those sounds like awesome things to do this summer! I love Sauvie Island. And Astoria is great too. I think we’ll end up visiting Astoria later in June when my mother-in-law comes to visit. What do you like to do in Astoria? What are some of your favorite spots there?

  2. Esmeralda says:

    I spent part of the weekend hopefully digging up blackberry roots, and Hunter mowed the lawn- but making the yard nice seems almost pointless if it’s just going to be a mudparty all year.
    While I was gardening, I set Wesley down on a little blanket in the sun and he was uprooting grass and babbling, and I was responding to all his little noises with my own- then I noticed it sounded like he was “coughing” but not like “hack hack I’m sick” more like, “excuse me, miss?” and I looked up- he did it again- so I coughed back and he laughed!!!!!- So then we went back and forth coughing at eachother and giggling… I feel bad that a cold symptom is so common it’s a joke for a baby (ha!), but that’s the price we pay for all this beautiful green.

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      OMG. That’s so adorable!

      And, of course, visiting you & Wes is on my summer to-do list too :) Can’t wait to see you guys! xoxo

  3. Ethel Stark says:

    Oh we know who we are, lol. Black velvet is still under the counter. I think someone forgot….hmmm? I am cleaning the garage. That means new crafts, odds and ends going into the store on Tuesday. Why I keep this stuff I do not know. I still like it, but do not use it. I keep paring it down.
    We all love your Halloween and your blog. Designing fabric sounds like something Rome should be doing. I hope I can get one new Halloween design out of her this year. Halloween is her favorite too. I will take me all summer and up to October to get one. See you soon.

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