Be Honest 2011

Last week was one of the craziest weeks I’ve had in a really long time. On Friday night, while working on a huge project for school, my computer screen went black, I saw a weird puff of smoke above the monitor, and then smelled something burning. It was a frightening moment.

Long story short, Apple had to replace my back light and logic board*. It took them a week to do so, rendering me computer-less all last week. It was horrible timing, since not only did I have a lot of homework to do, but I also had a lot of stuff to get done** for my school’s graphic design show/review, Be Honest, which was on Thursday. I spent a lot of time at the computer lab, and thankfully got everything done in time for the big event.

Be Honest was such a whirlwind of fun!

Here’s me at my booth talking with some of my classmates. I was rocking an awesome dark brown dress my mom bought for me, and my vintage green and brown silk scarf that has an awesome squirrel and acorn pattern on it.
A close-up of some of my work at my booth. Yes—I made some postcards out of my Piss Off Donuts! They were a huge hit!
Me & my pal Younhee.

The best part of the night, though, was that I was one of seven students to win a scholarship! I am still so excited about this!

Kate Bingaman-Burt & Lis Charman presenting me with my gigantic faux check.
This is such a sweet photo! I admire and respect these ladies so much!
Scholarship winners!
Hellz Yeah!
* Luckily I was able to back up all my files first, because my computer came back with a wiped-out hard drive. Replacing some of the programs is proving to be an expensive & time-consuming endeavor—especially when I need to update to a newer version of OSX to do so. Blarg. I’ll be happy when this whole computer mishap is finally over, and is just a fading memory.
** Including the launch of my graphic design portfolio, Check it out to see examples of my work!
P.S. Photo credits of the event go to my classmates and instructors. The last photo of me with my huge check was taken by Chas. You can peep tons of photos of the event here.

2 Responses to Be Honest 2011

  1. deer donna says:

    wow congrats Christine! you looked absolutely gorgeous in your dress and cute scarf too!!! i want a piss off postcard!! SO CUTE!!! <3333

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