One of Those Days

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Today I had big plans to get a lot done on a project I’m working on for school. I was just gonna go for it! Work hard. Kick some ass.

But, that didn’t really happen. I wasn’t feeling it. I tried to work hard and kick some ass, but instead I felt sort of sluggish and restless.

Whenever this happens, I never know what to do. Do I try to force myself to work anyway, and forge on, even though I’m not accomplishing as much as I’d like to? Or do I set that project aside, work on a different project that’s more invigorating, and come back to it the next day?

I’m beginning to think maybe the latter is more productive in the big scope of things. If I chose to work on a different project that put me in a good work flow, and I was accomplishing a lot, it would be awesome to stop at the end of the day and say, “Hell yeah! Look what I did today! Now that this is done, I can come back to the other project tomorrow and work on it.”

On the other hand, even though I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to today on my school project, I did get stuff done. I am in a much better place today than I was yesterday. That’s worth something, right? I’m at least closer to being finished. And what if that project is just one of those projects that will never be invigorating? I can’t keep putting it aside.

What do you do when you find yourself in this situation? Is it better to forge on with a project even though you’re not feeling it, on put it aside and come back to it later?


6 Responses to One of Those Days

  1. Katie says:

    I think I usually go with the latter… to a point. I’d much rather get something done than nothing, but sometimes it backfires and I start dreading the other task!

  2. I find that it’s better to wait until the timing is right. The last few days, one thing or another kept getting in the way of my art. I started feeling frustrated about it, because I really wanted to get to my project.

    Finally today, though, everything fell into place. I had been thinking and planning under the surface, and today I was READY! I got up and started creating vignettes, taking photos, and editing the photos. By this evening I had posted it all on my blog. I feel great!

  3. Shawn H says:

    I push myself to work on the project I’m not thrilled about. I do this because I’m a terrible procrastinator, and I don’t want to be that person anymore. I’m tired of putting off my responsibilities, only to get back to them in a hurried rush that never turns out as well as it could have been. I want to stop being distracted and focus on my tasks, even if they aren’t interesting. I want to apply the appropriate amount of time to that task and once it is finished, look at it and be proud of my effort, instead of being relieved that it’s over and finished.

    I’m such a square. I sound like an old man.

  4. deer donna says:

    hmm it’s a hard one. i tend to put it to the side, but the other day, after putting creative stuff to the side for ages, i had to make something for mum, which couldn’t wait, and once i started, i got back into the swing of it and was raring to go again!

    good luck lovely girl xox. and happy easter to you and your lovely family!

  5. Theresa says:

    That is a hard one. The thing about being creative is, it doesn’t just happen all the time. Some days it comes easy and other days it’s like trying to wring water out of a dry sponge. My advice is don’t push through your project. It will just take longer than it needs to, you won’t enjoy it, and you’ll feel even more drained at the end of the day. Work on something completely different. Organize cupboards, take a walk, bake some cookies, do something that involves moving around and possibly being outside. That usually works for me. Then I’ll start my project at the end of the day. I find I come up with my best ideas late at night. I’ll also often wait to start a project and just think about it for several days. It’s easier to work on a project when you’ve got a plan for it. Then once you feel ready, dive in! Or if you don’t feel ready… well maybe you will once you start. And sometimes, you’ve just got to plow through um and hope for the best! Good luck!

  6. flappergirlcreations says:

    Thanks for all your input, everyone! I sure do appreciate all your <3 and support! xoxo

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