1929 University of Florida Yearbook

Here it is—the pirate-themed University of Florida yearbook from 1929. It’s pretty spectacular. Let’s start with the cover.


1929 Pirate Vintage Yearbook Cover
Under-the-Sea: I love the sunken treasure chest, the seahorses, and all the embossing. Very exquisite!



Vintage Pirate Yearbook Endsheets
Illustrated endsheets depicting pirates burying—or perhaps digging up—treasure on the beach appear in the front & back of the book (click for larger image).


Title Pages

Each section has its own illustrated title page, with pirates-a-plenty. Here are the title pages for each of the classes. Check out all those details in the borders!

Seniors Pirate Title Page

Juniors Title Page Pirates

Sophomores Pirate Title Page

Freshmen Pirates Title page



A sampling of seniors. I love all the pirate-y details woven between the photos. I was a little disappointed the University of Florida was an all-dude school back then. Heh… check out that guy in the middle with the moustache! (click for larger photo)


Swim Team

The Varsity Swim Team in old-timey swimsuits. (click for larger photo)


Love this photo frame!



Even though this was an all-guy school, there is a section dedicated to beauty, and includes eight stunning full-page photos of young women. I’m not sure who these women are—girlfriends of some of the seniors, perhaps? That was Chas’ guess. Here are the best ones of the bunch:

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty

Like I said, very lovely indeed!

16 Responses to 1929 University of Florida Yearbook

  1. Sheri says:

    What an awesome find! I love Kitty’s profile. She is a beauty : )

  2. What a great find! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see how you use these graphics in your work!

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      Thanks! I’ve been collecting pieces for a nautical garland for over a year, and I think I might use some of these ladies in it :)

  3. deer donna says:

    oh my goodness this is amazing. i love kitty osbornes hair! sooo perfect. why wont my hair do that? :D

    • flappergirlcreations says:

      I know! Isn’t her hair exquisite?! At some point, I need to research hair care from the 1920s and figure out how all the women had those lovely waves.

  4. Cori says:

    I kind of wish they had made some of the students wear obligatory eye patches and peg legs. Oh well, can’t win ’em all! Very nice score indeed!

  5. Millie Galbreath says:

    I just found this same year book among my late Father’s things, I have 1929, 1930, 1949,1950,1951,1952 and 1954. I’m trying to decide what to do with them, they are really special books, especially the 1929 and 1930.
    Enjoyed your wonderful website!

  6. sean harris says:

    Love the photos and thanks for the posting. For the two of you who have the 1929 yearbook, can you check to see if there is anything about a Frank Harris contained in them? He’s my father, and he went on to have a very interesting career in Asia as a sort of gentleman spy. I’m writing a book about my odd childhood and his even odder personality, and would love to find whatever I can about him in the years he was a Gator. So, we know he was on the tennis team in 1926, 1927 and 1928. Thanks! Sean

  7. Kitty Mene says:

    picked up one of these at an auction this weekend for $7.50. Same year.

  8. twcreative says:

    Does your 1929 book have something written by John Held Jr. right after the last “Beauty”? There is a page with John Held Jr. on it and mine has something written there by him. I can’t tell if it was done before printing or after. He also did a drawing and signed it on the other side of that page. That looks like it was done before printing.

  9. Edward Pino says:

    Do you have this yearbook? I’m looking for greek life in the book…

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