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Vintage Thread{photo source}

Daydreaming About Sewing

School has been so crazy, and I have been craving some sewing time. I have a few coffee cozy orders I’m excited to work on over break, but I also want to make time to sew some things for myself. After a hectic quarter at school, I just really need to decompress and make something fun.

Last night I went through my fabric stash, and picked out some patterned cottons, and paired each with a matching solid corduroy. I have combos of: warm orange/brown, cool green/blue/cream, and a fun black/aqua/white. My goal is to make myself three dresses over spring break. I’m picturing corduroy bodices and cotton skirts—all worn with a belt, of course. I think they’ll be lovely! A trip to the Knittn’ Kitten is order first, though, because I need to pick up some zippers and possibly some trim.

Spring Sunshine{photo source}

Longer Days

I’ve been noticing the sun rising earlier and setting later, and I absolutely love it. Every year, I really relish the feeling of spring approaching, and I’m so stoked that next weekend we can set the clocks ahead for daylight saving time, which to me, is the ultimate signifier of spring. More daylight? Yes please! It always makes me feel invigorated and inspired.

David Choe Thumbs Up{photo source}

Thumbs Up with David Choe

Chas and I have been watching a pretty rad TV series called Thumbs Up. The show follows artist David Choe and his sidekick Harry Kim as they hitchhike great lengths for weeks on end. The show is split into three seasons: L.A. to Miami*, Tijuana to Alaska, and then finally a journey across China.

We watched seasons one and two last week, and then started season three on Friday. Choe and Kim make a great, mischievous team who are both hilarious and adventurous—the perfect combination to make a show like this fun and interesting. The show touches not only on the places they visit—and they ways they get there—but all the weirdos they meet along the way, too. I’m totally enjoying it!

* For some reason, this season drops off after they arrive in Louisiana. If it exists, we can’t seem to find the rest of the season anywhere online.

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