1928 Tamaqua High School Yearbook

Here is the last installment of vintage photos from the trio of high school yearbooks I acquired over Xmas break. This last one is a Tamaqua High School Yearbook from 1928. Titled the Sphinx, I was happy to see that the layout & design of this books takes advantage of Egyptian Art Deco motifs, which were popular at the time.

The School Newspaper Staff

Vintage Yearbook Newspaper Staff
Look at all those low-waisted flapper fashions and short bobbed haircuts! I’m digging the dapper suits & sweaters. I even spy a bow tie in the back row. A very lovely, fashionable group of young journalists, I must say.

Seinors–Babyface & Deb

Deb & Babyface
Here is a page from the senior class section. The layout features two students per page, with a portrait, snapshot, and sentimental paragraph for each person. This page features Eleanor aka “Baby Face” and Deb.

Deb is a smart tomboy, who was a member of the Biology Club, Newspaper, and held the Assistant Editor position of the Yearbook Club. This was written next to her photo, “To know her is to love her. This quotation is appropriately and correctly applied to Deb. Had we Deb’s literary ability no doubt we could do her rare personality justice. She is truly everybody’s friend. Always first to point out one’s good characteristics, she is very optimistic on discerning their faults and weaknesses.”

Babyface & Deb

I love the above casual snapshot of Deb. She looks happy and relaxed, and I like her snazzy striped tie.

Deb is also pictured in the Newspaper Staff photo at the top of this post—she’s front row center.

Track Team

Vintage High School Track Team

The track team with their awesome uniforms. I’m digging the faux-sash action on their shirts.


Vintage High School Band Photo

I love this photo of the school orchestra!

Dice Team

Vintage Dice Team Joke

One of the things I found really endearing about this yearbook was that there was a lot of humor peppered throughout the whole thing. Take this fake Dice Team page, for example. Other faux teams featured: Shaking Team, Tiddlewinx Team, Solo Polo (complete with a photo of a teenage boy student on an old child’s rocking horse).

Faux Advertisements

1928 Yearbook Faux Ads

And there was even a page of student-made parody advertisements!


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