1934 Radford High School Yearbook

Awhile back I shared some photos from my 1938 Northeast High School yearbook, with the promise of sharing more photos from other recent vintage yearbook acquisitions.

Today I’m here to share the highlights from my 1934 Radford High School yearbook from Radford, Virginia.


1934 Senior Class Radford High

Here’s a sample page from the section of Seniors. I love the diamond-shaped frames. I chose to share this page in particular, because I’m enchanted by the young lady in the middle:

Beautiful Senior Frances 1934 Radford High

Her name is Frances, and she is so beautiful. She was one of the few people in this yearbook who were photographed in profile. I love that stylish single ringlet of hair near her temple. I also love that she was the only person in this entire yearbook that signed her name in red pencil. So sassy!

Apparently, she was was a member of the Literary Club, Debating Club, Glee Club, and Boosters Club. She was on the girls “Basket-ball” team, and held the position of Class Secretary her senior year.

And her quote bestowed upon her by the yearbook staff? “The tongue no man can tame.”

Frances is so lovely!

Radford High School News

1934 Radford High Newspaper Crew{Click to see a Bigger Image}

I love this photo of the school newspaper crew. They’re a rather dapper bunch, aren’t they? I wish I owned all those dresses being modeled in the front row!

The owner of this yearbook, Gladys*, is somewhere in this photo. I’ve tried really hard to figure out who Gladys is in all the photos she’s listed in, but I’ve had no luck. All I know about her is that she is a Junior. All the lower classmen did not get individual photos like the Seniors. They were all rounded up for one group shot that would appear in the yearbook (see below), and then their names were listed in alphabetical order, not by how they were arranged in the photo.

Sophomore Class + Signature Examples

1934 Sophomores Radford High School{Click to see a Bigger Image}

Here is the Sophomore class. I’m sharing this one for all its signatures**. This yearbook is filled with signatures.

When I looked through this yearbook for the first time, I kept thinking about how all these cursive names looked like the penmanship of all the elderly people I’ve met in my lifetime. It’s strange how I have associated that distinct penmanship with old people, and here was a book filled with it—and all of it was made by teenagers!

So all old people were once young, and all young people will grow old, and all that jazz—sure. But what it really made me think about was how penmanship and letter forms have changed over time. We all know how typefaces have changed over time, but I never stopped to think about how human-made letterforms have changed over the past hundred years or so.

I’m sure typefaces and human-made letterforms have influenced each other throughout time, and I’d love to learn more about this. I’d love to know the specifics of how and when and why. I find that kind of stuff fascinating.

* I know this because of the following inscription on the front page of this yearbook: “Gladys Mae McNeil, East Radford, Va., May 29, 1934”
** Ok, I admit it—for the lovely fashions, too!

2 Responses to 1934 Radford High School Yearbook

  1. diana says:

    I want that polka dot (floral?) dress in the newspaper crew pic!!

    I never thought of the penmanship thing that way. But now it makes sense. I hardly ever use script for writing anything (cept for my sig).

  2. edleen says:

    Hi! If I might prevail upon your kindness, I would love to be able to have a close-up scan of the senior picture of Dootsie (Mamie Helen) Nance (you posted above) and also the Newspaper staff pic she is in too) to share with close family of hers! Being the family “historian”, I am also looking for photos of Dootsie’s sisters, Ruby Thelma Nance, who was apparently “Miss Radford” in 1934; her twin sisters, Louise and Lucille Nance (four years younger than Dootsie) and Dootsie’s younger sister Mary Katherine (Catherine) Nance. I am hoping her sisters may appear in this yearbook or in other yearbooks you may have!!!! I am writing a story about this Nance family to share with all my cousins, so if you could share any photos … of Mamie Helen (Dootsie) Nance and her sisters or brothers (Woodrow Russell Nance, Radford class 1933 and Robert Beverly Nance (Radford Class 1925) if they are also in the yearbooks you have not only I, but all 45 of my cousins would be so very appreciative. If you would be so kind, please contact me at esgr60@msn.com Surely hoping to hear from you. All the very best, Edleen

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