Vintage Cigar Labels

I’m creating a branding system for an herbal school in one of my design classes right now. I bought these beautiful vintage cigar labels recently because I needed them to conduct some visual research for this project.

You may wonder what cigars and herbal schools have in common, but I was mostly looking at two things with these labels:

• The use of lines and shapes and how the text interacts with those elements in this particular style.

• How to create awesome & effective labels that are so damn tiny.

The average cigar label in this little collection measures approximately 2.5 inches long, and only .75 inches wide. Like I said—tiny! Yet look at all the details packed onto each one.

Want your own instant mini-collection of cigar labels? I picked mine up for only $2.95 over at the amazing Regina’s Studio on Etsy.

On a side note, Regina’s Studio is one of my favorite Etsy shops for vintage ephemera. She has some amazing specimens in her store. My husband gave me a box-full of goodies from her shop for Xmas, and everything is so lovely and awesome.

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