Vintage Pop-Up Space Station Play Set

Back in 2003 my mom found and purchased this amazing vintage pop-up space station play set for me. I can’t remember where she found it or how much it cost*, but I’d bet money she snagged it at the Goodwill outlet store for less than a dollar.

Space Book Card

I’m amazed that this little gem is in such good condition. A few parts are missing—the punch-out spacemen, space scooter, and space guns (doh!), but the radar antenna, space capsule, and a few of the random equipment pieces are still in tact. And it still has it’s original assembly instructions!

Vintage Space Station Assembly Card

It’s from Hallmark, but I can’t find a year stamped anywhere. I love the pop-up engineering on this, and the interactive elements are really fun. There are plenty of lift-up flaps to explore. And the illustrations are just lovely.

Vintage Space Station

Vintage Space Station Cafeteria

Vintage Astronaut Cafeteria

Vintage Space Station Play Set

Vintage Astronaut on a Ladder

Resting Vintage Astronaut

Vintage Space Set Recreation Station

Retro Space Station Play Set

Retro Lady Astronaut

Vintage Space Station

* Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll let us know in the comments :)

8 Responses to Vintage Pop-Up Space Station Play Set

  1. Katie says:

    This is awesome! I had a similar style of pop-up doll house, but I would have LOVED playing with a space station!

  2. Mom says:

    I did a little research and it looks like it is from 1971. Very rare! I found 1 for sale on “antiqs” books. It has a couple issues,too. Like somrthing is taped. $50.00!!!!

    I believe I got it at the Goodwill on 4th Plain. They used to have a back room – really cheap! You’d walk up with an armload of stuff and they would say ” $1 (or $2) Not like that anymore. But I got some really nice bargains before it became “chic” to shop there!!

  3. Lisa says:

    That is ADORABLE! I think a kid would go NUTS with that!

  4. Rusty says:

    I still have mine from my 7th birthday in 1965 so it does predate the 1971 date a previous poster gave. The one I have is in perfect condition except for the names of the older couple next door that gave it to me written in one of the sections. I was happy you posted this.

  5. Rusty says:

    I apologize, I forgot to mention I also have a Hallmark pop up exactly like the Space Station called “The Christmas Story”. This was also from the same mid 60s vintage as my Space Station. I can pinpoint the date to between 1964 and 1966 for this one also because the Christmas Story was also from the same set of neighbors to me and we moved from that house in Chicago the summer of 1967.

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