Sons of Anarchy

A few weeks ago, when it was announced that Terriers was canceled, Chas and I were bummed out. It was by far the best new show of 2010, and its a shame that its failure rests on bad, confusing branding and being on a network that wasn’t a right fit for its intended audience.

I can’t help but wonder if a different (more appropriate) name for the show, a more communicative ad campaign, and a better network pairing (AMC or HBO) would have propelled this show into success… but we’ll never know.

When good shows end—either permanently, or just until next season—Chas and I always say, “Damn. Now what are we going to watch?”

This time, we began watching Sons of Anarchy, and I must say that I was hooked early on. The first two seasons are really great. My husband was a little skeptical for awhile, but overall he is enjoying the show. His main complaint is that the main character, Jax Teller, is the weak link, and that the show needs a really horrible character to stir shit up in a batshit crazy sort of way, much like Forest Whitaker’s character did on the the Shield. We’re pretty sure the writers are trying to accomplish this with the bitchy ATF agent June Stahl, but the actress who plays this character is just annoying.

Jax Teller has his irritating, eye-roll-inducing moments—and throughout the first season of the show, it was really hard not to see the clean-cut Australian college freshman he played on Undeclared—but much like what Bill Compton is to True Blood, I think Jax is written for the female audience, so I didn’t find him too irritating until season three.

The real star of the show is Katey Sagal. She plays Gemma Teller, the matriarch of the motor cycle club—the glue that keeps everyone together. She is the most complex character on the show, and Sagal’s acting skills shine bright.

And she is still a total babe at 56! I hope I look as hot as she does when I’m nearing 60.

We’re about halfway through season three now, and it’s pretty hit or miss so far. Chas and I were discussing last night how this season’s plot line is teetering on the edge of getting too ridiculous. We’ll see what happens in the next few episodes. I really hope this show doesn’t jump the shark this fast, and that the writers will reel it back in next season. In the meantime, I can’t help but wonder… Damn, what are we going to watch next?


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  1. aartyparty says:

    Love this show! By the way, cute blog!

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