The Knittn’ Kitten

On Tuesday I went to the Knittn’ Kitten to take some photos for a school project I’m working on. I’m posting some of my photos here to remind my fellow Portlanders that if you’re making any handmade gifts this holiday season, the Kitten can hook you up with whatever you need—at bargain prices.

And remember, you can always call the store to ask if they have certain items in stock. Ethel & Rome are awesome ladies, who are super friendly and helpful.

Inventory Knittn Kitten

Pink and Red Spools of Thread

Button Cards

Knitting Needles

Blue and Brown Vintage Fabric

Hand-Dyed Lace by Ethel of the Knittn Kitten

Crochet Thread

Rick Rack at the Knittn' Kitten


Retro Sewing Patterns at the Knittn' Ktiten

Knittn Kitten Inventory

Embroidery Floss

Yarn at the Knittn Kitten

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