How to Party Like it’s 1961: More Advice From the Teen Guide to Homemaking

I have more vintage instructions and advice to share with you from the Teen Guide to Homemaking. This time it’s all about party planning.


“The kind of party you decide to have will depend up the facilities and equipment you have in your home. Is the living room large enough for games or dancing? Do you have a rumpus room? Is there a porch that you can use for dancing or games? Is your back yard suited for having an outdoor party? Do you have a record player, a radio, or a TV set?

Teenagers enjoy a party that is gay and casual. Getting together to play records, dance, play games, watch TV, or just talk are the most usual kinds of parties among teenagers.”


• STEP 1 •

From the Teen Guide to HomemakingMake lists of the names of people you would like to invite and of the supplies you will need to purchase.

• STEP 2 •

From the Teen Guide to HomemakingSelect the records or whatever else you plan to use for entertainment.

• STEP 3 •

From the Teen Guide to Homemaking Select and make the table decorations and favors.

• STEP 4 •

From the Teen Guide to Homemaking Serve food that is liked, and serve it attractively.


Time for a Party by Ruth Brent, 1957.
Good Housekeeping Party Book edited by Dorothy Marsh & Carol Brock, 1958
101 Best Games for Teen-Agers by Lillian Frankel and Godfrey Frankel, 1951.
Brooms, Buttons, and Beaux by Emily Dow, 1957.
Seventeen Party Book by Enid Haupt, 1956.

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